Weekly Wrap-up #52 – Jobs

Sunday, April 27th, 2003 | Blog Stuff

1. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Hmmm… I switched what I wanted to be ALL the time – it depended on what book my parents gave me to read at the time… I remember wanting to be an archeologist at one point because of a national geographic book I had on ancient egypt I had (LOVED the hieroglyphics and the cool costumes). I also wanted to be a teacher… used to play school ALL THE time with my brothers and sisters… Even got teachers to give me the ‘teachers editions’ to old books and left over dittos they didn’t use..

2. When did you get your first job? What was it?
I wasn’t allowed to get a job until my senior year in high school. My mom didn’t want me having work conflict with my school work. When I finally got one it was as a cashier at Knowlwoods restaurant in Irvine… Really hated it – hard work for not much money but it gave me mad money. Once I got into college I worked in random computer related jobs and by my senior year I was workin 3 jobs and goin to school – mostly cuz I enjoyed the work more than I enjoyed the classes I was takin..

3. What is your job now? Do you like it? Why or why not?
Now I’m a software engineer working on Final Cut Pro at Apple Computer. I actually love it now although its kickin my ass right now… REALLY Smart group of people and its kinda fun working on a product that people use for real life stuff – especially when you see the name of your product go by in the credits of a movie! :)…

4. What would be the worst job for you to have? Why?
Customer service of any kind (see my first job). Provided people are respectful I really enjoy interacting with people and customers. I have a ball working at trade shows answering questions for people. But customer service is a fucked up offshoot of that where customers seem to think that, because they bought a product, they’ve earned the right to treat people like dirt and I don’t have much patience for that.. Putting me on the other end of a phone or service counter from those kind of people would be a bad idea – Long as people are respectful I’m sure I’d be perfectly helpful – but I think i’d probably come out of my face at ’em if they started bein snots… 😉

5. What would be your ideal job if you could chose it? Why?
Hmmm… I’m thinkin the ideal job for me would be high tech training or teaching of some form though I haven’t quite found how that would work out just yet… But it seems that would be a great combination of all the things I love.. I LOVE to travel… I REALLY enjoy helpign people learn… And i’m a geek at heart… so it seems like a fun fit… Just haven’t found the right place to do that yet…