SUCH A nice day … AGAIN

Saturday, October 25th, 2003 | Pete Stuff

Oh my LORD – we’re having on of those indian summer october days here… Woke up this morning to the most BEAUTIFUL blue skies… After dragging my lazy butt out of bed and showering kevin and I walked down the street for breakfast. Had breakfast at a table on the street at Blue in the Castro and spent an hour or so chatting and watching the boys go by… Couple of friends wandered by and ended up joining us for breakfast… Was REALLY nice…

Now i’m waiting for Matt to come by so we can go to the gym.. After that we may head down to the water to check out the Red Bull Flügtag and, as my friend Okko puts it, watch them chuck things into the bay…

Then, at some point, we need to put together a Halloween costume for Hell Ball tonight… I have NO IDEA what we’re going to go to wear – YIKES..

Anyway – just checkin in.. been a crazy week so I didn’t get much time to write – work is makin me crazy.. Although – on the upside – they got me one of these for work.. I’m LOVIN IT! 🙂 (I got a 12″ to start which was super nice but the screen on that one isn’t so hot if you need to run FCP so I swapped it for the big daddy! 🙂

(Oh yea – and comment spammers can kiss my ass :\ )