A good weekend

Monday, September 26th, 2005 | Pete Stuff

So the weekend turned out to be a really nice one… Friday night I went out with Brian to go see Corpse Bride (good movie if you’re into Tim Burton movies – but if you’re not ya might not like it)… When I got home after that Kevin was at home with a buddy of his from School (Skip) and they dragged me out to the Power House (which was CRAZY busy cuz of Folsom weekend)…

Saturday, as I mentioned before, I spent the day building a jungle gym with Matt which was all sorts of fun (I”m being serious – doesn’t sound fun I suppose but I enjoyed it)… Kevin ended up going to the San Francisco Love Parade but I decided to bail – didn’t think I could take two days of street fairs and I really wanted to hit folsom… After our day of construction I hung out with M&B and ate pizza and watched ‘The Truth about Cats and Dogs‘ after which Matt and I ended up grabbing our friend Jamie and going out…

Sunday was Folsom Street Fair and, as usual, I had a great time… I went down there about 2:30 with Jamie and stayed until they kicked us out at 6 at which point Jamie and I went to the Endup for a little while… Was a lot of fun – lots of folks out and AMAZING weather… Didn’t take any pictures this year though MAN I wish I had! :):) :P…Kevin bailed – doesn’t really like it and he fried himself at the love parade and going out saturday.

Anyway.. that was the weekend.. just had to share! 🙂

Now back to work

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teh l4m3
September 29, 2005

Sweet. Altho’ I would have passed up the End-Up — at that point, I would have been smoking a bowl and falling asleep…