OK.. this is cool

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006 | Pete Stuff

I’m sitting on an f-ing Airplane and can get to the internet… Lufthansa has wireless networking on its flights (at least on the 747 I’m sitting on)… Man I love the Germans! ;)..

Oh yea… I’m on a plane on my way to Germany… I have to be in Amsterdam next Thursday for work and then off to London as well for meetings.. So Kevin and I decided to tack on a week at the beginning and go to Berlin. And, conveniently enough, it happens to be the weekend for Folsom Europe.. How convenient… ;).. So i’m gonna be in Berlin till next tuesday with Kevin at which point he has to head back to the states.. I’m gonna go to either Cologne or Hamburg for two nights before heading on to Amsterdam… I’ll be in Amsterdam for IBC for a few days before going on to London…

Convenient timing too since the house is a hell hole.. but I won’t go into that right now – it’ll stress me out! :(:(

More stories from the air soon.. they’re serving dinner! 🙂