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And it begins

Monday, August 7th, 2006 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on And it begins

OK.. I”m EXHAUSTED.. Today the demolition for our kitchen and bathroom remodel begins and we spent the whole weekend preparing for it… Packing the Kitchen, Living Room, and Bathroom and then cramming it all into the bedroom and office.. It was AMAZING how much CRAP we had crammed into every nook and cranney of that house and how much had to be moved.. INSANE… Had to get things out of the living room so it didn’t get covered in schmutz… But its all done now (the moving that is). Now we get to watch it all happen and, with any luck, in a few months our house will be STUNNING…

And on top of all that we both had to work this weekend… So i’m dying on my feet today… I need to collapse but can’t really do it at home at this point… Maybe use the couch in my office this afternoon…

uggg! 🙂

Where I’ve been

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Where I’ve been

While munching on my sandwich over lunch I stumbled on this site that’ll map where you’ve been in the world. So here it is:

Where I’ve been in the US:

And here is where I’ve been in the world:

So it looks like i’ve got a whole LOT of world traveling to do… Better get to it

Another Busy Weekend

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 | Giggles | Comments Off on Another Busy Weekend

Kevin, Matt, and Brian

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Had another crazy busy weekend but was a lot of fun… Friday night was dinner with Randy and Rick at Woodward’s Garden. Food was very good though service was a little bit slow.. I’d go again though! 🙂

Then Saturday night was the San Francisco HRC yearly dinner. Russ Feingold as well as Phil Angelides and some others… I always enjoy that dinner and we had a lot of fun.. Matt arranged to be a table captain so we were there with He, Brian, Rita, a friend of Rita’s, Andrew, and Andrew’s new beau.. Was fun.

Then there was Sunday… Dore Alley Street Fair… Oh my dear lord… Fair was damn fun. REALLY Crowded this year – seems to get more and more crowded every year. And definitely a little more.. er.. um.. interesting than years past… I’ll leave it at that.. We hung out with Rick and Randy and a bunch of others for a while before running into another friend we met a few weeks ago. Finished the fair off then went to the ‘stro for beers at the Mix then Moby’s and some Pizza… Overall actually very well behaved but kind of exhausting..

Anyway – fun weekend. Now back to work! Wee ha..