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Holidays in Belize

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Ok.. I FINALLY got around to posting the pictures from our belize trip… If you’d like to look at the full gallery in order you can check them out here. I’m working on a nice gallery too but thats taking longer – i’ll let you know when its there..

So about the trip.. Well with Kevin down in Central America for 5 months (4 more now) we had to find something to do for the holidays down there. Given that and the fact that I really needed to get away and relax we decided to do another diving trip. So Belize it was. I booked another trip on an Aggressor boat to spend a week diving and hanging out in the sunshine and then I stretched it for another 3 days on land so we could spend New Years together in Belize.

The dive trip was fantastic just like the last one we were on. The people on the boat were all a lot of fun. There were people from all over the place – A woman from england, another from NYC, a family from Japan, another family from St. Louis, and another couple from North Carolina – and the crew was great to boot.. We trolled around the Atols off the coast of Belize and dove at a bunch of cool sites.. Lots of cool reefs and sea life – saw Turtles, sharks, rays, fish and other cool stuff.. We even got to dive the Blue Hole which was kinda interesting…

At the end of the dive trip they gave us a day on land (have to leave time between diving and flying so you don’t explode or something ;)) so Kevin and I and two of the ladies went to the Belize Zoo which was SUPER COOL. This zoo is much more of a wildlife preserve than a concrete jungle like the ones here. The animals are rescued and live in fairly natural habitats.. And they have cool stuff – Pumas, Jaguars, Monkeys, Tapirs, Snakes, and other stuff..

After we said good by to our dive friends Kevin and I checked into the Great House hotel in belize city. Our plan was to spend 3 nights in Belize City and take day trips to cool places. Well, as some friends warned us, Belize City isn’t so hot. We spent an afternoon exploring and decided to get the hell out of there. The Great House hotel was actually very nice – but its surrounded by not so hot. So we went back to the room and booked a trip out for the next morning.

So the next morning we were picked up by a driver from the Maruba Resort to take us to to their spa in the Jungle. The drive was super interesting and the Resort was GREAT… Really cool jungle resort that reminded us of the place we stayed at in Tahiti.

After we got settled in on New Years eve they took us on a private tour of Altun Ha with a great tour guide. Altun ha is a cool old Myan Ruin which was facinating.. Then when we got back we both got mud Massages which was SO NICE…

New Years eve was cool though mellow – the resort had a little party with a band and decorations. The cocktails were also generous. I even tried something called Viper rum which is made with a real snake in the bottle – shit was NASTY but I at least tried it. Unfortunately I was bushed so we went back and popped in a movie to kill time till midnight – and, surprise surprise, I fell asleep..

New years day was TOTALLY lazy.. We spent the day eating and hanging out by the pool.. End of the day I got another massage and kevin got a wierd Mud / Honey / Seaweed wrap thing… Overall this resort was fantastic – the ONLY negative thingI have to say about it was the mosquitos – they were everywhere and ate us alive..

So thats the run down.. Very different kind of holiday without family aside from each other – but still VERY Nice. Was particularly harsh coming back to reality…

Happy New Year everyone… Now back to work! 🙁

I’m back

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on I’m back

Just a quick post to say i’m back and i’ll fill ya in later.. But here’s the reader’s digest version: Belize for the holidays – 7 days on a dive boat – Dove the ‘Blue Hole’ – 1 night in Belize City – 2 nights at a super cool spa in the jungle – lots of skeeter bites… Pictures to come! :):)