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A boring week of work

Friday, February 16th, 2007 | Giggles | Comments Off on A boring week of work

Cupertino Sunset

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So nothing major to report this week – work and deadlines are kinda kicking my butt right now so I’ve taken to coming home after wark and planing my sorry ass on the couch and watching TV.. Doesn’t hurt that the TV is awful purdy but its still a pretty damn lame way to spend my evenings. Good thing is I spent sunday cooking so I have yummy leftovers to eat rather than cook something new… have to do something this weekend to make sure I’m set up for next week too.. This cooking at home thing is kinda fun though – be afraid or I may start forcing my cooking on the unsuspecting! LOL..

This weekend is shaping up to be kinda busy.. *sigh*… Not sure bout tonight and tomorrow night but one of those two I’m gonna go see a movie with BB. Tomorrow during the day I’ve got a massage scheduled (YAY) and then have a pile of work I have to do to get my bugs at work fixed.. Sunday I’m helping my buddy Scott move some shit from his storage unite then hoping to hit the Eagle sunday afternoon if its nice.. But that all depends on if I get all my homework done first.. Wee Haa… All sounds like good stuff but sounds kinda exhausting too…

Privacy and the blog

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007 | Blog Stuff | 1 Comment

One of the things I struggle with constantly is how much I can post on here due to the public nature of the blog. This stuff is open to pretty much everyone who dances into it which, while cool most of the time, proves a problem when I wanna talk about ‘pete stuff’ that I don’t want everyone to be privy to. While I love that friends, family, co-workers, and the rest of the world read my blog from time to time – some content isn’t always something I want everyone to read. (I think my boss would admit that too much information on my personal life isn’t always a good thing! ;))

So, inspired by Stephen, I’ve installed the post levels plugin that allows me to restrict some of my posts to certain groups of folks to protect the innocent! hehe…

What does that mean to you? All it means is if ya want to see some of the private stuff you have to register. All you have to do is click on the Register link on the right hand side. It’ll send you a login and password when ya register. You can change the password from there. Once you register I’ll set your privs so ya can see the appropriate stuff.

I promise to keep the hidden stuff to a minimum but a girl’s gotta have her secrets! hehe

Happy Wednesday! 🙂

Bad Valentines day Gifts

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 | Giggles | 3 Comments

For those of you looking for that special someone for V-Day tomorrow you should look at this list.

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing! 🙂

So then scroll down to the ‘Whole fresh rabbit‘ (one might ask how a rabbit you order on amazon can possibly be ‘fresh’ – but thats a different question)… Now look ‘Customers who bought items like this also bought’… Again – NEARLY FELL OFF MY CHAIR…

SUCH a dork

Saturday, February 10th, 2007 | Giggles | Comments Off on SUCH a dork


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So far I’ve had a completely geeky weekend… Its been raining cats and dogs here so i’ve used that as an excuse to stay inside and be a geek. Last night after my chiropractor appointment I cooked myself some dinner then spent the evening playing with my new camera taking pictures of some film stock and an old film reel I broght home. Its a little pet project of mine for something i’m working on at work..

Then today – well I cleaned the house some and then spent the afternoon figuring out how to set up a QuickTime live video stream. The goal here is so that my dad can broadcast his wedding for family that can’t make it but the fact is i’ll use any excuse to learn how to do new things like this.. So now I’m able to stream video from my living room out to the web which is kinda cool.. Sorry – not gonna put it in a public space (can’t have people spyin on me) but its still kinda cool… 🙂

Question is what does my day have in store for me tomorrow… Probably more work and a little more geekey tasks..

My man and his lady! ;)

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007 | Giggles | Comments Off on My man and his lady! ;)

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Kevin’s got a new best bud in Guatemala (ok – few weeks ago) and was just browsing her pictures and found this one of them.. So cute… She’s also got one of her plucking his eybrows.. Now THAT i’m not even sure what to do with…

Too funny… Had to share…

A few movies worth seeing….

Sunday, February 4th, 2007 | Random Morsels | Comments Off on A few movies worth seeing….

Killed some time with movies over the past few days and figured I’d pass along:

Pan’s Labyrinth – Saw this one with Drew and Adrian on Thursday night. Its a REALLY well done movie in Spanish about a little girl’s fantasy world that she uses to get her through a really horrible childhood after in post war spain.. The cinematography is gorgeous, the characters are facinating, and the story was great – a really interesting adult take on a child’s fantasy world…

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days – This movie is about the last days of Sophie Scholl (duh) who was part of a group of students during nazi Germany who opposed Hitler and the National Socialists. The Movie starts with their last leaflet distribution and arrests and follows her through her jailing, ‘trial’ (not much of a trial), and execution. The movie was really well done and thought provoking. I found it particularly interesting the charges against them including ‘demoralizing the troops’ (sound familiar to anyone? Hmmmm)… Very worth seeing.