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  • Super quick note to let y’all know i’m still alive

    So I KNOW its been ages since i’ve posted and i don’t have a ton of time right now to go into the gorey details – but a LOT has been going on and it all explains why my last post was about old concert tickets i found.. Reader’s digest version is after 17 years […]

  • Ticket Stubs from the past

    Ticket Stubs from the past Originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF Found these in a drawer in my office today and got a kick out of them… They’re from years ago in my concert going days but the collection of shows and movies kinda makes me giggle… INXS, Marilyn Manson,Front 242, Jimmy Buffett, a Giants Game, and […]

  • A few quick notes

    just a few quick mindless notes for a friday…. my day: it was actually pretty damn good. I got a lot done. had some really good conversations with folks that i’ve needed to have. Relatively drama free which is a beautiful thing. And, most importantly, i got a lot of good coding done – added […]

  • Shades of Gray

    I don’t know if its something that comes with age or what but I’m becoming increasingly tired of people (myself included) speaking in absolutes. Right / wrong. Conservative / Liberal. Good / Bad. Pro Life / Pro Choice. Pro-this / anti-that. I haven’t fully fleshed out the reasons why (and thats part of why I’m […]

  • Finally… A new years post

    Happy new years folks… as is typical, the holidays wizzed by and i immediately got thrust into the tempest of my regular weeks and haven’t gotten around to posting till now. And even now i don’t have much to say but i got tired of the last post lurking there. So here is a quick […]

  • A quick update

    I think its been a while since i’ve posted anything… No real excuses aside from the usual ones – just super busy with a zillion different things and not a whole lot of time for much else… I have been keeping up with twitter (see the sidebar) but not much time to actually pull together […]