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  • Elementary School & War

    TOO Odd… So I get this phone call from my mom at work today… “Turn on KQED… Listen to who they’re interviewing”… Turns out one of the correspondants that is traveling with the troops in Kuwait is a guy that I knew from when I was a LITTLE kid… Arian Campo-Flores aparently works for Newsweek […]

  • Wierdness

    Roller coaster day… Alarm clock didn’t go off for some reason (or maybe it went off and I turned it off without bothering to wake up – you’d have to ask kevin)…. So I woke up EXACTLY when I was supposed to BE at the gym… throw on gym clothes and my contacts and flew […]

  • A new home

    So I got REALLY sick of dealign with the silly little bugs I was running into on blogger and matt, being the super cool guy that he is, has given me a home on his site so i’m going to use that one instead.. So i’m over here now – and i’ll move my old […]