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  • So there isn’t confusion

    There are a bunch of people who still seem confused about why we’re upset about not being granted the same basic rights of civil marriage that other straight couples are granted simply by dropping into a chapel of love in Vegas. People seem to think we’re either being uppity and subversive, or trying to attack […]

  • Weekend Roundup

    Ok… more of a normal post this time… less of a rant… This weekend was a kinda surreal good bad weird sad kind of one… Whole weekend started friday around noon when Kevin picked me up to go to Lori’s funeral. While the funeral was profoundly sad and touching event it was truly AMAZING to […]

  • Lori Ann Turek: 1970-2008

    Lori Ann Turek: 1970-2008 Originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF One of my longest and dearest friends in San Francisco Bill lost his sister Lori this Tuesday. My heart goes out to her husband Rick, her son and brand new baby as well as Bill, Matt and the rest of her family and friends. Everyone who knew […]

  • Quick Thursday Update

    Its been a bit of a crazy week so i’ve been falling behind once again.. but a quick update seems like a good thing… Home wise its been a little nuts… in the process of dealing with a move, selling a house, and other topsey turvey stuff around that. I really should be more relaxed […]

  • a note from the frey

    Just wanted to post a few quick updates while I drive to work (or, rather, am driven)…. Its been ages since i’ve posted anything here for all the same reasons and a few new ones.. So lets see…. updates… Guess the biggest news is we just moved… Not far at all from the old place […]

  • A week on a boat

    Nawaikama Originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF I’ve been super busy the last few days / weeks with all sorts of stuff so I haven’t had time to post… But I did want to share some pictures while I have a free second (and just a second)… Kevin and I just got back from spending a week […]