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CRAZY Productive

Saturday, April 26th, 2003 | Geek Stuff | Comments Off on CRAZY Productive

OK… I know its kinda sad that I was stuck workin today – but like i’ve mentioned before – we’re trying to ship this crazy product. So thats what happens… But MAN… Was actually (aside from a kidna rocky start) a GREAT work day… I got SO MUCH done… feelin kinda proud of myself so I figured I’d brag…

I’m actually in pretty good shape for this product so I’m trying to pitch in where I can… Fixed one bug that no one had found yet (and would only find in some really obscure circumstances in english) and spent the rest of the time working on another bug that wasn’t in anything I knew anything about… but I was trying to help out where I could and it turns out I learned a lot and did a really good job of figuring out out.. it was kinda like an obsession … still haven’t fixed the bug but DAMN… got it down to where I can see exactly whats going on…

ANYWAY… Those of you who write software will know exactly what i’m talking about and have probably been there before… and those of you that don’t are probably sitting there going huh?…. Best comparison I can make is finding the one bulb that is out on a string of christmas lights… HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS until you can figure it out but once you do ya feel so much better..

Geek stuff… I’ll stop now… just happy… (kevin also brought me a beer as I worked which was sweet! :):))

happy saturday


Friday, April 25th, 2003 | Soapbox | Comments Off on Arggggg

Oh my LORD…. I’ve got a degree in Electrical engineering…. 10 years experience in software development and product design. and I can’t manage to get a damn blog template that looks even remotely as cool as I’d like it to be… arggggg…. All I’ve managed to do is get a torqued picture of our stained glass window in.

i’m SURE it has nothing to do with the bottle of Saki I had with dinner and the 2 Gin and Tonics I had with Scott, Larry, JP, and the rest after dinner.

Guess I should give up for now…. I”m sure a stroke of genius will hit me in the morning.. (or I’ll stop caring! ;).)


Color Blind

Thursday, April 24th, 2003 | Random Morsels | 3 Comments

Friend of mine pointed me at Visicheck cuz he went to this page on CNN’s web site talking about earthquake faults and couldn’t see any of ’em… That visicheck site is really interesting – shows ya what things look like to people who have various forms of color blindness… The best part was this page that let you test any URL to see what it would look like if you were color blind…

just thought I’d share

Hazy Shade of Thursday

Thursday, April 24th, 2003 | Giggles | 5 Comments

Kind of an ickey day but it actually isn’t a bad thing… been shockingly productive lately and now I’m catching up on all the other things in my like… Like Friendster… and my blog reading… and the news… my email… old friends…

Last night Kevin and I drug Brian out to dinner while Matt was apparently dealing with the home buyer from hell (or avoiding dealing with him perhaps)… Three of us went to Ti Couz… LOVE that place though my eyes are ALWAYS bigger than my stomach there… ALWAYS wanna get one of those cool ass flaming crepes but I always fill up on the hearty crepes..

Other thing I love about Ti Couz is they always have at least one hot straight boy workin there.. There was a new one there that I think I like better than the last tall one with the tatoos…


And I’m turning into a Johnny Cash fan.. scary huh.. Just get a kick out of his latest re-mixes… especially the ones that he’s done of Nine Inch Nails (which I used to be a HUGE fan of – back in my angry music phase – along with Front 242, Skinny Puppy, and others) and of U2… Something is SO MUCH MORE DISTURBING about those songs when he sings ’em.. Think its cuz you can actually hear the words.. I knew the words of NIN songs were fucked up before but the music kinda drowns it out.. Johnny Cash’s voice is so much more sad and clear – you can hear every fucked up disturbing word..

Anyway… Back to fixing bugs.. got a few more to pick off…

Why SwimFins? :)

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003 | Giggles | Comments Off on Why SwimFins? :)

Why SwimFinsSF you might ask…

Damn fine question… dates back from before the dawn of time… well not quite… but since college for sure…

swimfins goes back to my college years… Back in the CS labs at CU when I discovered this crazy thing called IRC… Thought it was the collest thing ever and got hooked – was chatting with folks from around the world… Used it primarily to practice my german cuz it let me meet people in Germany who actually knew german (as opposed to my 40 year old high school german teacher who wanted us to call her ‘Fraulein’ – sorry kids – but if you’re 40 you’re Frau whether you like it or not – least so my german friends tell me)…

And – on IRC you need a ‘nick’ to use as a handle – kinda like CB Radio folks have. I picked swimfins cuz I had been a swimmer as long as I had been walking – my parents started throwing me in the pool and off the diving board as soon as they thought I wouldn’t sink.. So swimfins seemed fitting (and since I’m devoid of any creativity it was the best I could do)

Then right after college I discovered the whole gay thing (ya know – that I was into guys instead of girls).. Then the whole online chat thing took on a whole different slant. The first guy I dated showed me AOL and the gay chat rooms and I met boys from all over the place. Was REALLY liberating to realize I was far from alone ( Also discovered after meeting a few in person the difference beetween ‘AOL inches’ and Inches that are on a ruler! 😉 )… Since I had the swimfins handle from my IRC days it stuck…

SwimFinsSF came about cuz after an AOL tantrum where they pissed me off I canceled my account – then discovered that I couldn’t get it back – not even for AIM… so I picked SwimFinsSF since I lived (and live) in San Francisco… worked for me… Been using it ever since and it seems to be unique enough that I’ve been able to stick with it around other places too..

Kinda handy cuz its given me a certain level of anonymity but yet people could be pretty sure that, even though they didn’t know everything about me, that if they saw SwimFinsSF lurking it is probably me…


Saturday, April 19th, 2003 | Giggles | Comments Off on Trapped

Saturday morning… Bright and sunny out… one of those GREAT bay area days.. One of the days that makes me absolutely LOVE living here… Spring so the hills are still green and the trees are bushy and pretty.. blue skies – only clouds are the con-trails from planes flying by… AMAZING..

And what am I doing? Looking out at it from my office… Uggggggg…

We announced FCP 4 before NAB and for some strange reason now they want us to finish the damn thing… BASTARDS! :):)

I’m actually not all that bummed about being here for some reason though.. I know what I need to be doing… its quiet.. I have a window in my office that the sun is shining through.. Could be outside of course which would be nice.. but I’ll surivive… Could be worse I suppose..

Happy Saturday! 🙂