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By the way – i’m back

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US Embassy

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For those of you who don’t see me in person – I’m back from europe at this point and swamped with the mundane daily grind around here.. The rest of the trip was good – lots of work and interesting meetings with customers as well as some time to explore London. I’ve been to London before but I took some time to do a little sight seeing anyway…

My hotel was right by the US embassy which was kinda interesting. The Embassy looks like a bunker with nasty make shift fences all around it and a flock of peace protesters sitting out front – it was sad and cool all at the same time..

After exploring the neighborhood on Saturday I spent the day walking all over the place – lots of tourist stuff and other exploring. Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalger Square, 10 Downing Street… Ya know.. all the important stuff! 🙂

And for my last night I went to see Avenue Q (which was fantastic) and then went to the Hoist (which was also very cool!)…

But now i’m back to the regular stuff… Lots of work.. Still fighting with the contractors.. That kind of thing..

Anyway – thats the update… Check out the pix if you’re interested! 🙂

Travels in Europe

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I’m still in the middle of this trip to Europe which is pretty cool… When I last posted about my g-ma I was in Cologne… The trip started in Berlin with Kevin which was a lot of fun.. He and I spent a bunch of days in Berlin and spent most of it doing tourist stuff.. Jet lag on this one was pretty rough so it wasn’t nearly as social a trip as we thought it might be (no parties or anything).. But we did get around to see a lot of the city which was cool… We made it to a bunch of touristy things including Schloß Charlottenburg, the Dom, the Neue Nationalgalarie, a River tour, the Zoo, and a bunch of other stuff.. We also hit a couple of really cool restaurants (Pan Asia, Schwarzen Raben)… The weather wasn’t great but still cool..

After Kevin had to go back on Tuesday (wahh), I went on to Cologne for a few days to hang out.. Did a whole lot of walking and exploring as well as sitting out at restaurants on the Rhine and writing in a journal.. Was nice and the weather was GORGEOUS there of course..

Then Thursday I went on to Amsterdam for work and i’m still there (till tomorrow)… This part of the trip has been a lot of work actually.. Customer conversations and exploring the trade show.. Very good though not very touristy… But the weather has been very nice and cool hanging out with co-workers…

Tomorrow i’m off to London for more meetings.. I do get to stay one extra day to explore but thats it – then back to the states..

Trip has been nice but i’m tired of living out of a suitcase and I miss my man…

If ya wanna check out pix you can look here..

Now off to dinner

Beth I Steinauer: 3/19/21 – 9/5/06

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Me, Grandma, and Dad

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I love you and I’ll miss you… There are candles lit for you in Cologne today… Happy Travels! :):)