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Burning Man ’05

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005 | Random Morsels | 1 Comment

So Kevin is off at Burning man until Monday… I’m jealous but unfortunately I have stuff I have to deal with here that kept me from going… Sad I know… But since I can’t go I’ve been reading all sorts of stuff about it. The Burning Man site has all SORTS of interesting stuff on it including a live webcast of the event so I can watch and see whats going on. I logged in last night and saw the man glowing in the night and random lit things go by the camera.. .Today you can see the man surrounded by a LOT of sand and people bustling by on bicycles and stuff – you can even hear the wind blowing and the music.. Matt also pointed me at a Google maps view of burning man from space. SUPER COOL…

Anyway.. had to share… go back to your business! :):)

Mail Tags

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005 | Geek Stuff | 1 Comment

Just some geek stuff to pass along.. If any of you are using Mac OS X mail on Tiger I thought I’d pass along this cool little tool I found… A coworker passed along a link to a Mail plugin called Mail Tags which allows you to tag mail messages with things like projects, date due, and other comments. It then allows you to use spotlight to search and categorize them based on these tags.. I find this really handy because it lets you basically file and annotate mail messages…

Anyway.. Had to share… 🙂

A wedding in Texas

Sunday, August 28th, 2005 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on A wedding in Texas

I’m sitting here in a hotel room relaxin in Houston and wondering if that crazy hurricane heading toward Houston is gonna mess with my flights home tomorrow… Kevin and I spent the weekend in Houston staying at the Houstonian for my cousin Carrie’s wedding.. The wedding was SO nice and we had a great time hanging out with my family.. Friday night we showed up in time for the rehearsal dinner which was really nice and a lot of fun. Met the groom in person for the first time and had great food.. After that Kevin, My sister Katie, her boyfriend Nick, and my cousin Paul all went out for drinks.. Next day we spent the day hanging out, going to the gym, swimming, and chilling… That evening was the wedding… SO NICE… Outside in Houston ( which was a little warm! 😉 ) followed by a nice meal at the Houstonian.. my kind of wedding..

Anyway … Pictures are here.. just wanted to share… Happy sunday…

Six Feet and a Walk

Monday, August 22nd, 2005 | Random Morsels | 2 Comments

This weekend was pretty low key… Out for beers friday night followed by kevin and I curling up on the couch catching up on 2 weeks of Six Feet Under episodes that we’d missed (so we were caught up for the final episode)… Saturday was pretty uneventful. Worked some.. Dinner with Matt, Brian, Audrey, and Kyle who was up from San Diego..

Sunday was really nice. We spent the morning shopping for Kevin’s trip to Burning Man. He needed to buy supplies for the trip including a bicycle, tent spikes, a bike horn, and a water bottle – among other things… After that we met up with Jason and headed over to Rick and Randy’s for the 6th in a series of photo Walks that they host.. We’ve done these before and they’ve been a really cool event and this one was no different.. And this one was also handy cuz it was in the neighborhood. We walked from their house up past Kite Hill, Liberty Hill, down through Dolores park, over to Mission Dolores, and Back.. It was a lot of fun and I got a lot of good pictures (which I’ve posted here)…

After all that we went out for a drink at the Metro with Louis and Jason after which Kevin and I came back home and watched the final Episode of Six Feet Under… OH… MY… GOD… It was SO WELL done… If you haven’t seen it see it… you kind of have to have been following the show but if you have been I think you’ll LOVE it… it was SO GOOD..

oh.. and it looks like they have posted obituaries for the characters on HBOs site… So good.. (Thanks to MJ for the pointer)

now back to reality.. work time… happy monday


Bear with me

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005 | Blog Stuff | 2 Comments

Hey Folks… Please bear with me… As I said earlier – my blog was attacked this morning / last night by a hacker that did a pretty phenominal job of hosing it… After multiple attempts to re-construct it in place only to have it re-tagged I decided to do a fresh re-install and reload of MT. Its a painful process and i’m left with a format that, right now, is pretty bland and lame however the result should be a much cleaner blog.. I think I may use this opportunity to tidy up what I’ve got here and see if I can come up with a cleaner layout… The good thing is I have backups of the content on the blog so even though a lot of the structure is gone, the content is still there..

So please be patient – it’ll take me some time to get myself back to a layout I like…


Congrats to Jay and Craig

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005 | Gay Stuff, Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Congrats to Jay and Craig

Quick congratulations on the birth of Avery Grant-Zodikoff – the daughter of our friends Jay and Craig… MAN – I have more friends with babies these days than I can even count.. I swear my mom is gonna SMACK me if I don’t join in on the fun..

Congrats guys… She is SO CUTE! 🙂