Burning Man ’05

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005 | Random Morsels

So Kevin is off at Burning man until Monday… I’m jealous but unfortunately I have stuff I have to deal with here that kept me from going… Sad I know… But since I can’t go I’ve been reading all sorts of stuff about it. The Burning Man site has all SORTS of interesting stuff on it including a live webcast of the event so I can watch and see whats going on. I logged in last night and saw the man glowing in the night and random lit things go by the camera.. .Today you can see the man surrounded by a LOT of sand and people bustling by on bicycles and stuff – you can even hear the wind blowing and the music.. Matt also pointed me at a Google maps view of burning man from space. SUPER COOL…

Anyway.. had to share… go back to your business! :):)

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Blake Seely
September 5, 2005

I dropped by Citrus Camp to deliver a freshly baked pizza – and got to check in in Kevin. He was doing juuuuuust fine.