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Oh Yea…

Monday, May 31st, 2004 | Pete Stuff | 4 Comments

And I got tickets from a friend to go see Madonna next tuesday (6/8).. KICK ASS

‘Nother crazy weekend

Monday, May 31st, 2004 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on ‘Nother crazy weekend

So after a totally lazy day off on friday the rest of the weekend was super fun though a little exhausting.. But I ain’t complainin

Friday night I went to my former co-worker Janelle’s going away – she’s moving to Beantown and a bunch of us from work joined in on the festivities.. The crowd was all the same suspects that we hung out with the previous friday sans Kevin (who had a hellish day and wanted to chill) and Sean (who was MIA with no explination)…. The party was super fun and mellow – just a lot of drinking of wine and hangin out on the porch talking (the neighbors were probably not amused)…

Saturday day was relatively mellow. Brunch and relaxing and some errands.. Then saturday night Kevin and I went over to Rick and Randy’s to hang out with them for the evening.. We hung out for a while talkin at their place and then headed over to Extreme Pizza for dinner. After that is where the stories began. After dinner we went over to an event called Frequency-8 that Rick recommended because of the collection of DJs spinning.. We got there ’round 10 or so and the music was phenominal…. but… um… the crowd was.. well.. um… interesting.. ;).. Turns out the party was an 18+ party that went from 7 till 2am (presumably because of bedtime issues)… The crowd was a total club kid raver crowd many of whom clearly had fake ideas toget into the 18+ party… Crazy… So we hung out for a little while to listen to the music and then decided that it just wasn’t workin for us (or at leaast not for me) to we bailed and headed over to Mighty… Crowd was more our speed (age wise and orientation wise) though the music wasn’t quite as good.. Damn those kids – I want their DJ!;)..

Sunday was a busy day. Spent the day hangin out with Stephen, Alex, and Craig. Stephen and I went over to BiRite and grabbed a picnic and then went over to Dolores Park to meet Alex and Craig (and Disco). Was SUCH a nice day.. Sun was out.. Great view of the city.. boys were out… only downside was the sunburn I got on my knees ( I put lotion on my upper body but not legs.. stupid)… After that Alex and I split and went over to Whole Foods to pick up dinner fixins and then over to Kevin’s office to bring him snacks (poor boy was workin all weekend)…

Sunday night was great too… Started by havin a whole crew over for dinner since Scott Yeats was back in town for dinner.. Alex whipped up a great meal and Scott W, Scott Y, Joy, Adam, Matt, Peter C, and Jim R came over to eat.. after that we all went over to Scott W’s new digs for a little pre party before going out dancing at Sanctuary… The crowd that went out dancing was great and the music was fantastic… Overall it was a fantastic night… And I heard my favorite new geekey phrase from a buddy of ours… Another friend of ours looked over and asked how everyone was doing and one of ’em looked back and said ‘Doin just fine but i’m pretty much droppin frames at this point’… Guess for yourself what he was talkin about! ;)…

And today – doing NOTHING… Watching Cold Case files and readin blogs.. woo hoo! 🙂

Happy Memorial Day! 🙂

My Play Day

Friday, May 28th, 2004 | Pete Stuff | 2 Comments

So I’m spending my play day bein a complete slug… Not doing much of anything really and I love it… Slept in… Got coffee and a breakfast bagel from Jumpin Java… Watched a few episodes of The West Wing… Had lunch with Craig… Bought a Smiths album (they’re not on the iTunes music store damn it! ;))…

Now I’m sitting here watching Love! Valour! Compassion!. If you haven’t seen it go rent it.. SERIOUSLY.. Its a fantastic movie… One of the few that make me tear up every time I see it… Its a great movie about the realities of relationships and friendships.. Its about a group of gay men in the northeast but its really universal..

enough already.. back to my lazy day

Just kinda sad

Friday, May 28th, 2004 | Gay Stuff | 1 Comment

So I decided to take a personal day tomorrow ( today I guess it is now) and, as a result Matt and I decided to go out dancing after dinner and the gym… Could have gone out for cocktails but Matt really had an itch to jig and who am I to complain… So we headed down to the Stud in hopes that, even though Reform Skool is no more, there might be something goin on… Nothing.. So we prowled around south of market for a while to no avail… Then we headed back to the ‘stro in hopes of finding something to do or at least a gay rag with ideas… The scene in the Castro really isn’t my thing for dancing. There are a few that I’ll hit for cocktails (Moby Dick, The Bar on Castro, Badlands, etc.) but none for dancing. Mind you people do dance there – i’m just not one of ’em..

Finally we found a copy of the local rag in hopes of pointers – after leafing through we found a few spots we hadn’t heard of back in SOMA and nob hill so we checked ’em out… ALL VERY SAD…

Ok… So I know I’ve lived in this town long enough that I”m more than a little jaded about the social options around but JEEEZZZZ…. Isn’t there anything goin on in this town during the week or do we have to wait for the weekend or move to NYC?

Ah well.. kept me out of trouble I suppose! 🙂 g’night! 🙂

San Francisco Summer

Tuesday, May 25th, 2004 | Random Morsels | 5 Comments

From the wonderful folks at <shameless_plug> Jackson-Fuller Realators</shameless_plug> , below is a really cool and comprehensive list of all of the street fairs and festivals around San Francisco this summer along with dates and links for more information.

Of course my personal favorites being the Folsom Street Fair, Dore Alley, SF Pride, and the Filmore Street Jazz Festival. But check ’em all out and judge for yourself! 🙂
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Rockin Weekend

Tuesday, May 25th, 2004 | Pete Stuff | 1 Comment

Just a quick weekend update.. Was one of those weekends that really make having to work on monday a huge drag. Had a lot of fun and wanted a few extra days (one of which I’m gonna take this friday)…

Friday night Kevin and I went out with a bunch of folks from my team at work to see DJ Tall Paul spin at Ruby Skye and had an AMAZING time. We hung out with folks at Al’s place first and Kevin got to meet a bunch of people he hadn’t met and they all seemed to love ’em. Then ’round 11 or 12 we all cabbed it down to the club and hung out and danced till ’round 3 or so. Had a BLAST and added some stories to my collection that must never be repeated (only this time the stories weren’t about me! ;)).

Saturday morning we got up (a little early given the late night the night before) and walked Matt and Brian’s puppies since they were down in LA trying to wow a new adoptive mother. After that was brunch and a lazy afternoon.

Saturday night Patrick and Chuck had Britton and the two of us over for dinner which was WONDERFUL… Got to chat with the boys and play with Nathan (who is just too damn cute for words). Dinner was wonderful and company was great. We were supposed to go to another party after that but after dinner we were all socialed out and ended up crashing (after pulling over to watch the KFOG Kaboom from the top of twin peaks)..

Sunday morning was more low key.. Dog walk.. Kevin and I both had to work.. Then at 4 we headed over to the Eagle again for the beer bust…

And thats it… Good time had by all.. and now I’m back at work.. looking forward to Memorial Day