Rockin Weekend

Tuesday, May 25th, 2004 | Pete Stuff

Just a quick weekend update.. Was one of those weekends that really make having to work on monday a huge drag. Had a lot of fun and wanted a few extra days (one of which I’m gonna take this friday)…

Friday night Kevin and I went out with a bunch of folks from my team at work to see DJ Tall Paul spin at Ruby Skye and had an AMAZING time. We hung out with folks at Al’s place first and Kevin got to meet a bunch of people he hadn’t met and they all seemed to love ’em. Then ’round 11 or 12 we all cabbed it down to the club and hung out and danced till ’round 3 or so. Had a BLAST and added some stories to my collection that must never be repeated (only this time the stories weren’t about me! ;)).

Saturday morning we got up (a little early given the late night the night before) and walked Matt and Brian’s puppies since they were down in LA trying to wow a new adoptive mother. After that was brunch and a lazy afternoon.

Saturday night Patrick and Chuck had Britton and the two of us over for dinner which was WONDERFUL… Got to chat with the boys and play with Nathan (who is just too damn cute for words). Dinner was wonderful and company was great. We were supposed to go to another party after that but after dinner we were all socialed out and ended up crashing (after pulling over to watch the KFOG Kaboom from the top of twin peaks)..

Sunday morning was more low key.. Dog walk.. Kevin and I both had to work.. Then at 4 we headed over to the Eagle again for the beer bust…

And thats it… Good time had by all.. and now I’m back at work.. looking forward to Memorial Day

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Clem Holloman
May 29, 2004

Matt – you guys should make it an iCal Calander we can subscribe to!