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  • Same Love

    I keep re-listening to this song.. They lyrics are fantastic and the fact that its from a straight rapper is pretty amazing… Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis lyrics thanks to RapGenius When I was in the 3rd grade I thought that I was gay Cause I could draw, my uncle was And I […]

  • So there isn’t confusion

    There are a bunch of people who still seem confused about why we’re upset about not being granted the same basic rights of civil marriage that other straight couples are granted simply by dropping into a chapel of love in Vegas. People seem to think we’re either being uppity and subversive, or trying to attack […]

  • Join the Impact in SF

    Originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF Kevin and I went down to City Hall this morning to be a part of the nation wide protest against the passage of proposition 8 here in California… It was an AMAZING day out and it was really great to see the number of people turn out to make themselves heard. […]

  • How do we move on?

    I’ve been thinking about this all morning… I don’t have any answers – actually just more questions… But the puzzle is how do I forgive those who voted in favor of stripping me of my marriage license? Over the past few days, and most recently this morning, i’ve been learning of people I went to […]

  • Why Marriage Matters

  • Third Grade Gay

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