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A worm

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005 | Geek Stuff | Comments Off on A worm

By the way, this bad boy seems to be floating around the net the last few days and its making me crazy… Its a windows worm so it doesn’t really do any damage to me but the mails that are carying it are really distracting cuz they’re the kind of thing someone not paying attention might trigger… So figured i’d send out a quick reminder to NEVER open an attachment from a source you don’t know… Should be obvious to people these days but based on the number of fucking messages i’ve gotten over the past two days with the worm attached it seems someone didn’t get the memo…

Surf safe.. wear a condom! 🙂

Tap tap tap

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005 | Geek Stuff, Pete Stuff | 1 Comment

Is this thing on… testing 1 2 3

Guess so… Haven’t been on here in a while so figured I’d say hey… usual excuse (work and a zillion other things)… But this week Apple’s shut down so i’m being a complete lazy bum and hangin out doing not much… In fact today I’m headed over to Nickel Spa for a massage then I may head over to see Harry Potter on the IMAX… Hope so at least…

So anyway.. whats been keeping me busy?… Well Matt’s surprise birthday party was last weekend – that helped keep me occupied for one of the days last weekend (the previous day I was down in LA for the last day of a work trip…

Lets see.. what else… Oh yea.. I got a new toy at home…. one of these:

Pm Infoblock Graphics

Ya know… a QUAD Processor G5 Macintosh with a 30″ display.. Oh my GOD… It is CRAZY cool.. I recommend them to everyone… REALLY FUCKING Fast and this Display is just absurdly big.. I love it… I hadn’t upgraded my mac at home in many years and it was time… And since I was so out dated I decided to go a little nuts…

Anyway… I’m off to my massage now.. but figured I’d check in quickly! 🙂 Have a great day!

I’m a theif

Monday, November 7th, 2005 | Giggles | 3 Comments

Us in PV

Originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF.

I found this in Matt and Brian’s collection and had to pilfer it cuz it made me giggle…. 🙂

Back from PV all in one piece

Sunday, November 6th, 2005 | Giggles | Comments Off on Back from PV all in one piece

The Gang in PV

Originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF.

Its sunday now and we’ve made it back from Puerto Vallarta largely unscathed… well… mostly… The trip was fantastic, the weather was great, and the company was wonderful…

I actually spent the better part of the trip relaxing and not doing much – partially forced by the fact that my powerbook hard drive crashed the first day (probably God telling me that vacation isn’t for computer games).. We went out to eat a LOT.. Sat outside quite a bit.. Went to the beach.. Swam.. Explored… you name it… Matt did have a bit of a run in with the beach on his birthday that landed him in the hospital with stitches which was definitely a bummer – but it did give him an excuse to relax…

We did go scuba diving on Wednesday which was fun however the scenery wasn’t great. The water off of PV was really murky and got pretty cold when you got down deep. But it was fun even still.

At any rate… Was a really good trip and a great group of folks to spend it with..

Pix are either up on my dot mac page or on flickr

(oh – and a plug for where we stayed – Casa de las Flores was wonderful. Great views and location and was nice having digs with a kitchen – worth checking it out… )

Puerto Vallarta

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005 | Giggles | Comments Off on Puerto Vallarta


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In case anyone was wondering – we’re away for the week in Puerto Vallarta…. I’ll fill in the details later but suffice it to say there was a trip to the hospital, cocktails on the beach, a neurotic scuba diver, and memorials to the dead involved… (and don’t mind the crutches in the picture – there is a perfectly good explanation! 🙂 )