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A new toy

Thursday, November 30th, 2006 | Geek Stuff | Comments Off on A new toy

I got my new toy today – all Apple Employees are getting ’em… and DAMN They’re cute. Can’t wait to get it home and loaded up with my tunes!. Was just needing this at the gym this morning!


He made it there

Sunday, November 26th, 2006 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on He made it there

Celas Maya Courtyard

Originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF.

Kevin made it to Guatemala safely and now is dealing with a little bit of culture shock. I’ve been swapping text messages with him yesterday and today (which will no doubt cost us a fortune) and he’s sent a couple of pictures which I’ve posted to my flickr account… I’ll let him describe the details on his blog (yes – he has one. Matt says kevin getting a blog may be a sign of the Apocalypse – we’ll see). But had to share a few pictures.

Now back to writing reviews… more later..

Family turkey day

Saturday, November 25th, 2006 | Giggles | Comments Off on Family turkey day

Family turkey day

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Before Kevin jetted off on his big adventure (sniff sniff) we went out to Sacramento for Thanksgiving with my family which was a lot of fun. My mom and step-dad live out there and my little sis and her fiance were in town visiting. Kevin and I braved the traffic from hell and drove out on Wed afternoon and stayed through Thursday night. Had a great time just relaxing and as usual mom whomped up an amazing meal… Wish we could have stayed longer but kevin had to get home and pack (he was up till 1am getting ready as it was)..

A new look

Saturday, November 25th, 2006 | Blog Stuff | 1 Comment

Once again I spent way too much time futzing with my blog when I should have been doing other things… But as a result I now have a brand shiny new WP blog with all of my old content and a shiny new look. This is an example of a powerful tool (MT) falling down because if QA and usability issues. I really liked MT cuz you can customize all sorts of stuff but unfortunately its power is also its downfall – every time I touched something I broke something else cuz their customization tools didn’t take into account things that the user changed on their own… So now i’m in WP.. For now… We’ll see how this works out..


Saturday, November 25th, 2006 | Geek Stuff | Comments Off on DAMN

I was futzing with templates on a private blog that I have up here and the changes I made to that blasted my template for my main blog… GRRRRRR… And I put that template together so long ago that I don’t really remember how I built it… I’ll do a little poking around to see if I can re-create it… But i’m betting this may be an excuse to move to WP and try something new..

So in the mean time forgive the stock template – don’t have much time to fix it right now…



Thursday, November 23rd, 2006 | Giggles | 2 Comments


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I’m sitting here trying to be helpful as Kevin packs for his big adventure and feeling kind of blue.. (OK.. REALLY Blue)… Kevin is taking the opportunity to take a few months off (4 or 5) from work and go to Central and South America to learn Spanish, volunteer, and explore.. Its a really great opportunity and I’m really excited for him.. But now that the day is arriving I’m also really sad that he’s going to be away for so long. His flight leaves tomorrow and he’s not scheduled to be back in town until the end of April. I will be going down to Belize over Christmas to meet him which will be cool (another one of our diving adventures). But till then and after then until April I’m gonna be on my own. It’ll be rough but we’ll be fine (individually and as a couple)…

But ugh – the little kid part of me wants him to stay here and keep me company! 😉

So if any of y’all wanna grab a beer I’ll have lots of free time on my hands… 😉 🙂