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A visit to Dad and Dory’s

Sunday, November 19th, 2006 | Giggles | 1 Comment

Farm on a Lake

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We just got back from a visit to Dad and Dory’s new place in Gettysburg. Since I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, my dad recently got engaged and decided to move in with his new lady. They found a really cool new place out in Gettysburg, PA and he had to pack up and get out of the house he’d lived in since I was in kindergarten (or before). Now that they’re all settled in they invited Kevin and I to come visit and be their first guests. Since Kevin was already out visiting his ‘rents in NC I decided to fly out and meet him in Charlotte and head up for the weekend. The weekend was fantastic and we both love the new digs and VERY MUCH approve of Dory. She is super sweet and really fun to spend time with….

While we were there we explored his new house, went antique shopping, explored the battlefield at Gettysburg, went out to eat, and went on a few long walks… Overall a great weekend…

Anyway – if ya wanna check ’em out the full photo set is here.

Slow and steady…

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 | Giggles | 2 Comments

Kitchen Cabinets

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So the whole remodel process continues to make me nuts… And, in return, i’m sure i’m making our contractor and architects nuts… But we’re finally starting to see some really cool progress again.. As of today we have a nearly finished floor (i’ll tell y’all about that), walls, skylight… But the best part of it is our kitchen cupboards are in as well as our big cool tub (its a monster) and the new sink and countertops… VERY cool.. still need tile and glass before we can actually take standing showers… but still.

Anyway.. had to share… Off to the east coast for the weekend to see my dad and his fiancè… More later! 🙂

Cabo Pix as Promised

Thursday, November 9th, 2006 | Giggles | 1 Comment

Plaza Calafia, Los Cabos, 10-30-2006

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OK.. I know I’m WAY late but this has been a busy few weeks with the remodel and Kevin heading off for North Carolina… But here are the pictures from our trip to cabo which was great. I was actually lazy and waited for Brian to post the pictures (since he’s the one who took 90% of them anyway). The public pictures are posted up here but you will have to ping brian to ask him to let yo usee some of the private ones (they keep the ones with the kiddo private for her sake – but if they know you they’ll probably let ya peek! :):))…

So the pictures are here.. Check ’em out… Purdy! :)… And go over here for instructions on how to see the ones with the kiddo!

Don’t forget

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 | Politics | Comments Off on Don’t forget

To Vote….

cuz if you don’t you don’t have the right to bitch about things being f-ed up…

’nuff said…

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

Back to Reality

Saturday, November 4th, 2006 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Back to Reality

Uggg… Some times coming back from vacation is particularly harsh… We spent the past week in a super cool condo in Cabo San Lucas Mexico… The timing work and otherwise was REALLY bad but we planned the trip so far in advance that I couldn’t skip out… The week was relaxing and just what I needed to recharge so I could dive into things back here with energy again..

Or so I thought..

Then we came home to our remodel project and I just want to scream.. Or cry… Or something… Everyone I know tells me that these never go the way they’re supposed to and I should just deal. But this is my house and right now it resembles a war zone.

We were supposed to come back today to a house that, while not completed, was at least a place we could live. Well – no such luck. The flooring guy is still trying to finish the floors so the fixtures aren’t back in and I could go on and on from there…

Luckily we have friends that are SO GREAT so we have places to crash (and I’m eternally grateful for that). But thats kinda not the point – being homeless for this long is really getting to me and some times it feels like the people working on the project just don’t get that or don’t care..

Anyway – enough ranting… I’ll post the pix from the trip shortly and we can talk about happier things.. I just had to vent a little… thanks for indulging me! 🙂