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Disabled email addys

Monday, August 23rd, 2004 | Blog Stuff | 2 Comments

I’ve disabled my comments sections from displaying people’s email addresses… I had the ‘protect spam’ setting set before but a buddy got a strange email to his email referencing my blog which caused me to worry. Upon poking around I realized the protect against spam setting in MT didn’t do much that a novice engineer couldn’t code around… So now i’ll display a link to your blog if you post but not to your email address.. I still require email addresses (just as a basic level of security against the fucking blog spammers) but I don’t show ’em..

happy monday! 🙂

Terry Gross

Sunday, August 22nd, 2004 | Politics | 2 Comments

Is a rock star in my mind… If you want to hear her at her best check out this interview with Bill O’Reilly. It is a little stressful to listen to but still very good! 🙂

Shocking as it is

Thursday, August 19th, 2004 | Politics | Comments Off on Shocking as it is

The defense department is covering its ass:

Army Report on Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Faults Military Interrogators

U.S. media are reporting that a new Army report on abuse at Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison cites misconduct by military interrogators, but clears high-ranking Pentagon officials.

Its kind of funny how the defense department manages to use the chain of command as a tool when it suits their purposes but when it comes to taking responsibility when bad things happen they’re more than happy to hang the leaf nodes out to dry. What ever happened to officers tacking responsibility for the attitudes and behaviors they instill within their organizations?

I’m sorry.. Im just not buying it..

Another Adventure

Thursday, August 19th, 2004 | San Francisco | 2 Comments

To add to the list of things to do in the Bay Area for those looking for pointers – Mount Diablo. Kevin and I went camping up there this past weekend and had a great time. It is an EASY 30 minute drive from San Francisco and its gorgeous. Very warm California terrain and the camp sight we camped at was just below the summit with CRAZY gorgeous views of the bay area. Well worth checking out – either for camping or just for a day hike.

Few words of warning though. First – NO ALCOHOL.. We learned this the hard way – ranger found us hangin out by the campfire drinkin and made us pour EVERYTHING out.. Felt like I was in the dorms again.. it SUCKED.. (Especially pouring the bottle full bottle of Gin and Jack out. ugg..)

Second.. There are Rattlesnakes up there. They generally keep to themselves and steer clear of people – but Kevin managed to stumble into one on a hike. Bent down to tie his shoe looked up to see a rattler coiled and rattling 6 feet in front of him. And pop quiz – when you see such a thing do you a) stop and slowly back away quietly without making sudden moves or do you b) scream like a girl, turn and run, throwing sticks as you do, and fall and skin your knee. I’ll let you all guess which one is the correct answer and which one kevin chose! 😉

Anyway.. Worth checking out… If ya wanna see the pictures here they are:

Mt. Diablo Camping


Thursday, August 19th, 2004 | Random Morsels | Comments Off on SO DAMN CUTE

So I got to see and hold Audrey for the first time last night when Matt and Brian brought her home from Riverside.. She is SO FUCKING CUTE I can barely stand it. Granted she didn’t do anything but sleep (as much as Grandma Michelle tried to get her to wake up) but that was fine.. Still too cute..

A little Advice

Friday, August 13th, 2004 | Giggles | 3 Comments

And… The new parents… A little advice on what not to do.. 😉