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News that Bugs…

Wednesday, December 31st, 2003 | Soapbox | Comments Off on News that Bugs…

Ok… So I read two news stories yesterday that bugged me and had to spout a little:

Special prosecutor named in CIA probe
Ashcroft bows out of blown-cover investigation

I’ve been wondering for a while what ever happened to this story but could guess. This one was TOTALLY predictable and pisses me off to no end. WHY are they just doing this NOW? (rhetorical question) The answer as far as I can tell is because the administration doesn’t care about figuring out who is responsible because they’re crystal clear on who ordered the leak. Furthermore, if they’re forced to ‘figure out’ who is responsible then they need some time to let the story cool and to find a sacrificial lamb.
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North Carolina Christmas

Tuesday, December 30th, 2003 | Pete Stuff | 4 Comments

So i’m finally back to my usual schedule (kinda – still off work but got a lot to do so i’m workin anyway)… Christmas this year was fantastic but a little different than I’m accustomed to. As soon as I got back from Katie’s graduation I went into a whirlwind of activity. Had 2 days of work to do before Christmas with a TON to do for work, did ALL of my christmas shopping on a hour and a half lunch break on tuesday (the 23rd), had dinner with MY family tuesday night at The Waterfront Restaurant, and then packed for our trip.

But thats just where the fun began.
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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003 | Giggles | 3 Comments

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Friday 5 (from last week)

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003 | Blog Exercises | Comments Off on Friday 5 (from last week)

  1. List your five favorite beverages.:

    1. Milk
    2. Bailey’s
    3. Lemon Drop
    4. Bombay Sapphire and Tonic
    5. A Black and Tan

  2. List your five favorite websites.:

    1. Der Spiegel
    2. Creative Cow
    3. Google News
    4. VersionTracker
    5. Slash-Dot

  3. List your five favorite snack foods.

    1. Cheetos (Crunchey – not Puffy)
    2. Those Vegetable Chips (don’t remember the name)
    3. Wassabi Peanuts
    4. Those Japanese Crackers
    5. Twizlers! 🙂

  4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.

    1. Trivial Pursuit
    2. Cranium
    3. Chess
    4. Solitaire
    5. Jenga

  5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games. (I really don’t play computer games so this is tough

    1. Sim City
    2. The Simms
    3. Spaceward Ho!
    4. MacXword
    5. Dark Castle (from LONG ago 😉 )

Unconscious Mutterings – Week 46

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003 | Blog Exercises | Comments Off on Unconscious Mutterings – Week 46
  1. Exchange:: Rate
  2. Parental Advisory:: Rap
  3. Blowout:: Sale
  4. Spider:: Man
  5. Happy:: Face
  6. Intense:: Pleasure
  7. Corrupt:: Bush
  8. Got:: Milk?
  9. Crude:: Rude and Disgusting
  10. Three::’s company

(what’s this? Look here)


Monday, December 22nd, 2003 | Random Morsels | 2 Comments

Just had an earthquake. Far as I can tell a little one since Kevin couldn’t feel it at his office in the city but we could definitely feel it here in Cupertino… LOVE earthquakes – least the small ones – bigger ones aren’t as much fun.. ya know when things fall on folks – thats bad.. but the little ones are kinda like home delivered roller coasters! 🙂

UPDATE: Seems it was a 6.4 centered in San Simeon CA (south of here). 6.4 is pretty good sized so i’m guessing there was damage down there – bummer. But it was just kinda movin and shakin up here!

UPDATE 2: Watch here for the after shocks as they come in (and DAMN there has been a bunch of ’em – all around San Simeon.

Update 3: Ok.. now not so fun… Looks like it did a lot of damage and 2 people died! :(:(… 6.5 that you can feel from San Simeon to Cupertino is never good… I’ll shut up now! 🙁