News that Bugs…

Wednesday, December 31st, 2003 | Soapbox

Ok… So I read two news stories yesterday that bugged me and had to spout a little:

Special prosecutor named in CIA probe
Ashcroft bows out of blown-cover investigation

I’ve been wondering for a while what ever happened to this story but could guess. This one was TOTALLY predictable and pisses me off to no end. WHY are they just doing this NOW? (rhetorical question) The answer as far as I can tell is because the administration doesn’t care about figuring out who is responsible because they’re crystal clear on who ordered the leak. Furthermore, if they’re forced to ‘figure out’ who is responsible then they need some time to let the story cool and to find a sacrificial lamb.

As far as I can tell from my seat they very intentionally leaked the name of the agent to the press as punishment for her husband’s behavior. If that weren’t the case the President would have demanded an answer in an effective way (as opposed to the tap dance he did), John Ashcroft would have IMMEDIATELY disqualified himself in order to find an impartial investigator, and we’d have an answer by now. Because, if they’re truely without fault, some jack ass leaked the name out of spite, and they can’t figure it out internally, then it shows that the President and isn’t in control of his administration and of the CIA. I’d like to believe that they’re all just incompetent but I just can’t – this was payback and they’re doing everything they can to bury it.

FDA bans diet herb blamed in 155 deaths
California had already moved to bar ephedra in ’04

So – my 2¢? Just curious when we’re gonna make alcohol illegal again. After all, used stupidly just about anything can kill and the all time best example of this is alcohol. Is outlawing things that are bad for you the right solution to every problem? Do we really need the government telling us not to be stupid and abuse things in a way that might put our life in danger. Or can we be trusted to use our brains and use the effort spent on the ‘drug wars’ on more useful things such as quality control and treatment programs? And – IF we can’t be trusted – then can the government at least be consistent about what they make illegal and include the worst example which is alcohol which has the added issue of not killing the people that abuse it but, rather, those who get in the way when they get in the car..

To be clear – I’m not arguing for a return of prohibition – quite the opposite. Keep these drugs legal and under the control of the FDA so they can monitor the quality and prescribe safe ‘dosages’ for those who choose to use these and take the money we’re spending on the ‘drug wars’ and spend it on treatment. Yes – there will always be people that abuse ANYTHING in life (hell – people even abuse chocolate and Chicken McNuggets) – but wouldn’t it make more sense to take the money out of the hands of drug dealers and put it into treatment? Sorry… just my take.