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New Place

Monday, March 31st, 2003 | Giggles | Comments Off on New Place

I’ve been getting a lot of people asking for pictures of the place kevin and I bought and this seems like a good place to plop a link to ’em… In case y’all weren’t aware, back in January K and I bought a new place in Duboce triangle here in the city… Cool old place that was built in 1890… Got old bones and a lot of style.. I’m really proud of it.. haven’t had a lot of time to work on it but thats OK .. That will come in time…

Anyway – here are links to the pix of it:

New Digs

(NOTE: those pictures have the furnature in it from the guys we bought it from – Some are the listing pix and some I took when we closed – but I promise to take a few with our stuff in it soon..)


Monday, March 31st, 2003 | Giggles | Comments Off on Madness?

Found thils flying around from an unknown source and its too good not to pass on (credit goes to Matt for sendin it to me):

“You know the world’s gone mad when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America’s Cup, France is accusing the USA of arrogance and the Germans don’t want to go to war.”

– Chris Rock

About Me

Monday, March 31st, 2003 | Pete Stuff | 10 Comments

Fun Facts about Pete:

  • Name: Pete
  • Parents: Dennis and Judith
  • Siblings: Sister (Katie), Step Sister (Marny), Step Brother (Jason)
  • Relationship Status: Got one
  • Relationship: Boyfriend named Kevin! 🙂
  • Sexual Orientation: Figure it out! 🙂
  • Location: Live in: San Francisco, CA
  • Stats‘: 5’11” / 180# / Brown Hair / Blue Eyes / Clean Shaven (Cuz ya can’t get through a conversation online without ’em)
  • Favorite Animal: Frog (dunno why… they just make me smile! ;))
  • Favorite Pet: Dog
  • Childhood Pet’s name: Cat named ‘Sparkle’ (Stop snickering – I was in kindergarten when I named her)
  • Life time pets: 2 Cats (Huckle and Sparkle), 1 Anole Lizard (can’t remember his name), 1 Bull Frog, A Hamster (which died in a cold maryland winter next to the sliding glass door), An aquarium full of stone toads, a fighting fish named Opus, and many lizards that my mom and I caught (how many moms do you know that will catch lizards with ya? ;))..
  • Favorite Band: Oingo Boingo
  • Primary Musical Instrument: Clarinet (Played since 2nd Grade)
  • Other Instruments I can play: Trombone, Saxaphone (all of ’em cuz they’re more or less the same), and Flute.
  • Occupation: Software Engineer
  • Boxers or Briefs: Boxer-Briefs! 😉
  • UnderGrad Degree: Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Favorite Cocktail: Gin and Tonic or a Lemon Drop
  • Place I’d like to live some time: Berlin or Cologne
  • Favorite Sport (participating): Swimming and Volleyball
  • Favorite Sport (watching): College Football and Mens Gymnastics (for different reasons! ;))
  • Favorite Author: John Steinbeck
  • Favorite Childhood Books: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Flat Stanley
  • Religion: Christian Science ( <i>not</i> Scientology – if you’re curious go look up the difference)
  • States I’ve lived in: Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, California, Colorado.
  • Favorite Toy: Legos
  • Languages Spoken: English and German

Why SwimFins?

Some Mug Shots of Pete Over the years:

Pv Cards





Warmonger vs. Peacenik

Friday, March 28th, 2003 | Politics | Comments Off on Warmonger vs. Peacenik

Ok.. Just found this and its too good to not pass on:

A Warmonger Explains War to a Peacenik

Conspiracy Theories

Friday, March 28th, 2003 | Politics | Comments Off on Conspiracy Theories

Guess i’m not the only person that noticed Al-Jazeera went MIA… Work of hackers aparently (although i am curious the real source of this hacking)… Anyway … Here is ths story I found on it today..

Last Dance

Thursday, March 27th, 2003 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Last Dance

Stephen’s Memorial was today.. Well actually – they called it a celebration of his life which was EXACTLY what it was… They reserved the bar at this great restaurant in down town San Jose which was aparanetly Stephen and Tyrone’s favorite and had a huge party.. It was GREAT… There were so many people there and everyone had a great time.. We all talked about him… We saw the pictures his family had brought of his life… we cried a little… some came in drag… some wore marti gras beads… some were friends from work.. some were the gay boys from apple… some were friends.. some were family… some were from who knows where…

But at the end it was exactly what it should have been… a celebration of a really wonderful guy who touched more people than i’m sure he knew… So many people love him… Tyrone was a trooper… Stephen’s mother was there and was great.. She was clearly devistated to have lost her baby but I hope it gave her some comfort to know how many people loved the guy…

On the way home matt, kevin, and I had a great talk about what comes after death… god… the usual things you think about when something like this happens… but it was nice to talk about it regardless…

And… to top it off… as we got out of the car after the drive home… Donna Summer’s ‘Last Dance’ came on the stereo…

Made me smile…

He’ll stay with me… With all of us…