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New Floors

Sunday, October 15th, 2006 | Giggles | 2 Comments

New kitchen

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Oh yea – and here are the new floors we had put in. They’re still kinda rough cuz they’re not sanded or finished but I still think they’re really pretty. Kevin and Marites picked out some really cool reclaimed wood that came from an old barn. The wood is really rough but gorgeous and the flooring guy did a great job putting them down..

DAMN this house is gonna be nice when its done. :):)

Weekend update

Sunday, October 15th, 2006 | Pete Stuff | 1 Comment

This has been one of those really odd weekend for a number of reasons. The first of which is I’m sitting here in a hotel room in my own city. I’ve never done that before. R&R have been gracious enough to let us stay with them while our place is getting remodeled (I can’t thank them enough and will always feel horribly guilty for the imposition) but part of the deal is we promised to be like church mice and vanish if they have other friends that are in town. Last night was one of those nights I’m probably going to get smacked by a number of people when they read this saying ‘you KNOW you can always stay with us’ – and by my mother who would have wanted us to visit Granite Bay for the weekend. But we decided we kinda wanted to escape and order room service and watch TV. Kevin was also feelin under the weather so I had to attend to him a little bit.

Yesterday was also a day of running around and errands too which was a little crazy. We had to get the B&B ready for a guest (ya know – vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, dishes… wee haa). Also had to do mundane things like getting the laundry done, get a hair cut, that kind of thing.

Also had to go by the house and meet the contractor to go over where things are at. They put up the sheet rock last week and put down the flooring. We also got all of the fixtures for the bathroom in.. So its all starting to come together now and look like a real place. The current plan is to be back in the house at the end of the month and be finished in time for turkey day… I’m not sure if it’ll actually happen but we’re leaning on them pretty hard to make it happen..

Hows that for a rambling entry? Sorry bout that but after reading a bunch of blogs I felt like I needed to post something myself…

More later..

A serious and a comical note… on Pages

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006 | Gay Stuff, Politics | Comments Off on A serious and a comical note… on Pages

Rather than blather on my own opinions about all the crazy crap that has been going on in Washington lately I’m going to leave it to others…

First – a serious commentary.. I heard this on KQED on the way to work yesterday and couldn’t agree more… Take a listen:

Tue, Oct 10, 2006 — 7:37 AM

It’s So Not the Gay Thing

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The Mark Foley scandal is about many things, mostly power. The one thing it’s not about, says Kate Kendell, is the disgraced Congressman’s sexual orientation.

Host: Kate Kendell

And now – From Jon Stewart – a HYSTERICAL segment from the daily show (thanks to Towleroad). Again – VERY well put.

Workin with a view

Saturday, October 7th, 2006 | Giggles | 2 Comments

Fleet Week

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Its Saturday and i’ve got a PILE of work I gotta get done.. Unfortunately my office at home isn’t very useful right now (they’re putting up drywall in the house and its a mess) and i can’t get much done working on the couch. As a result I decided to come with Kevin to his office to work (since the alternative is driving to my office which doesn’t sound like fun)…

The upshot of it is that Kevin’s office overlooks the bay bridge and its Fleet Week in San Francisco so planes are doing stunts out the window and big ships and stuff are sailing by. This is the view I have as i’m working… So I can think of worse places to be trapped…

Ok.. back to work.. just had to share! 🙂

Olbermann and Clinton

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 | Politics | Comments Off on Olbermann and Clinton

This is about a 10 minute segment but well worth listening to..

New Art

Monday, October 2nd, 2006 | Pete Stuff | 1 Comment

The remodel isn’t even done but we’ve got new artwork to put in the new place. Some time ago Kevin got in touch with Casey O’Connell who was an artist whose work was showing at Chow on church street. Her work is really cool in an edgy innocent sort of way.

Kevin originally was scouting for artists to show at the art shows at Gensler but after talking about it we decided it would be cool to get one of her pieces for home. We met with her over dinner at Chow and absolutely loved her. She’s REALLY sweet and we had the best dinner where she spent a lot of time getting to know us and we got the scoop on who she was and her story.. After we left we decided that it would be cool to have more than one and as it happened she got some of her other work back and let us come pick out one while she was finishing ours…

So now we’re the proud owner of two of the coolest paintings. The first one is a very personal one of hers about her sister (there is a HUGE story behind it and i’m not even going to try to tell it) and the second is the one we got this weekend that she painted for us.

Imgp3128 Imgp3129

I think the best part was when I was talking to my carpool partner about it. I described that we were having this done and that we were picking it up tonight – to which he asked ‘Well what if you don’t like it’… It honestly never occurred to me that I wouldn’t like it…. And I wasn’t wrong – I think its really damn cool! 🙂

If you wanna check out her stuff you can see it on her web site or at a show at Gensler in January