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Saturday, October 7th, 2006 | Giggles

Fleet Week

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Its Saturday and i’ve got a PILE of work I gotta get done.. Unfortunately my office at home isn’t very useful right now (they’re putting up drywall in the house and its a mess) and i can’t get much done working on the couch. As a result I decided to come with Kevin to his office to work (since the alternative is driving to my office which doesn’t sound like fun)…

The upshot of it is that Kevin’s office overlooks the bay bridge and its Fleet Week in San Francisco so planes are doing stunts out the window and big ships and stuff are sailing by. This is the view I have as i’m working… So I can think of worse places to be trapped…

Ok.. back to work.. just had to share! 🙂

2 Comments to Workin with a view

God of Biscuits
October 9, 2006

Gee, Petey, next time I have to work on a Saturday (which is probably very soon), can I come work at Kevin’s office, too? I’ll bring bagels or something. Please please please? 🙂

October 9, 2006

LOL.. you’ll have to check with him for that… and you’ve only got till the end of the week before he’s in new digs..