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Some Funnies for a Tuesday

Tuesday, September 30th, 2003 | Giggles | 1 Comment

Just some random silliness to pass on:

October 7 Election Info

Tuesday, September 30th, 2003 | Politics | 5 Comments

( steps up on his soap box )

Ok…. So, like it or not, it looks like on October 7th those of us who live in the sunshine state have to go to the polls. And yes – HAVE to go to the polls. Becasue, whether or not you like the idea of the recall or not, it’s happening and if you decide not to vote out of protest or disgust or just flat out laziness you’re doing everyone a disservice – and you can BET that the folks who support the recall will show up in droves.

So PLEASE… VOTE.. Whether you’re for the recall or not… whether you want the terminator for governor or the white haired guy who already has his easy chair in the governor’s mansion (there is a mansion – right?).

(steps off the soap box)

Now that that rant is over… It occurs to me that, perhaps more than any other election, this one is kind of confusing.. So I figured it might be worth pulling together some pointers to resources to help grock what’s going on. The very basics are simple – 2 propositions to vote for or against and a vote for or against recalling the governor. Then, WHETHER YOU SUPPORT THE RECAL OR NOT, you vote to pick which candidate you would choose to replace Governor Davis – whether you voted to recall him or not. Seems straight forward but I’ve heard a lot of confusion on whether you get to choose a candidate if you voted against the recall – and you do.

Below is a collection of information that I’ve found that may be of use if you’re trying to figure out where you stand on the issues. If you’re don’t live in CA you may not care.. But for those that do here it is. Hope it helps.
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A Science Fair of a Different Color

Monday, September 29th, 2003 | Giggles | 7 Comments

Ok.. This is just WRONG… Natalie pointed me at a link to the Creation Science Fair 2001 and I had to pass it along. I’ll leave the commentary to her (cuz I don’t really even know where to START) but I HAD to pass it along. As far as I can tell from poking around on that site its for real but I would LOVE to hear that its a hoax.

Happy Monday! 😉

Weekend Wrap up

Sunday, September 28th, 2003 | Pete Stuff | 1 Comment

LORD… I’m EXHAUSTED… LONG Damn weekend.. Lot of fun though… So here’s a quick wrap up:

  • Friday night – Saw Party Monster with Brian and Kevin. Brian and Kevin liked it. Little much for me but better than sitting at home with re-runs of Three’s Company. Gotta say that Seth Green was pretty damn good. And ya gotta love Marilyn Manson and Amanda Lepore – they’re just wrong… I love it. And the messed up drag was pretty damn cool
  • Saturday – Spent the morning helping my mom distribute flyers for her author’s club event to comic book stores around the city(Neil Gaiman is speaking at San Jose State University). After that Kevin and i went to a surprise party for some friends of his that just signed their domestic partnership papers.. was a lot of fun
  • Sunday – Folsom Street Fair… Was a LOT of fun though its been years since anything at that fair has shocked me. Think the three things that stuck in my head are the guy lighting his cigarette with a magnifying glass, the woman with snakes on her head, and the Leather Horse Man/Woman (had leather harnasses on, horse hooves, a tail, and a big long maine… looked cool though miserable to wear)… Here are the pix (most of ’em are kevin’s handy work).

    Folsom Street Fair 2003

    Of course there was also the usual collection of hot men in leather and I do love that! 😉

(Ray – we all missed you!)

Some Friday FUn

Friday, September 26th, 2003 | Random Morsels | 1 Comment

Few silly things for a friday that I found while eating my tuna sandwich at lunch:

  • RIAA sues grandmother

    The RIAA said it had gathered evidence showing Ward had used Kazaa to share more than 2,000 songs, including hip-hop hits like Trick Daddy’s “I’m a Thug.”

  • Under the category of ‘They get payed to do that?’: OFFICIAL: HOW TO EAT CARROTS

    HEALTH chiefs sent teachers instructions – on how children should eat carrots.
    Emails marked “Urgent” told them: “Wash them, eat them from the bottom, discard the top.” It said that was the method recommended by the Department of Health in Whitehall.

  • Under the category of ‘Things that make ya wanna hurl’: Some Fun Optical Illulsions (Scroll down – there’s a bunch)


Friday, September 26th, 2003 | Random Morsels | 4 Comments

Oh my LORD. Thank GOD its friday.. I need this weekend SO BADLY… I’m actually not entirely sure what even happened this week – just a whole lot of work at a frantic pace. Had a fire drill at work that started Tuesday that I chased around Wednesday and then finally put out yesterday. On top of that I’m dealing with performance reviews at work and a bunch of other not so fun stuff which has been spilling into my evenings. And on top of THAT I’ve had house stuff to deal with – calling the Orkin guys back out cuz the little beasties STILL aren’t gone, dealing with PG&E to get new service installed and figure out why we didn’t get charged for electricity this month (I’d like to think it was a present for my birthday but I doubt it since my b-day was in july), calling the lawyer about the condo conversion, and probably 8 other things I’m forgetting. I did go to the gym a couple of times which is a good thing.

LORD.. I think I’ve become my parents – when did that happen?

So looking forward to the weekend though… Lots going on but not going to be crazy. Seeing my mom tomorrow, party tomorrow night… Then sunday is the Folsom Street Fair which should be a lot of fun. Fair definitely isn’t for the feint of heart but I always have a lot of fun. Not going to all the parties this year like I have in the past – they’re getting WAY TO EXPENSIVE and it usually blows my weekend – way too little sleep and I’ve grown accustomed to my morning coffee.

Anyway. Guess I should get to it so I can finish off my friday so I can go play. (Is it too early for a Gin and Tonic? Probably)