Weekend Wrap up

Sunday, September 28th, 2003 | Pete Stuff

LORD… I’m EXHAUSTED… LONG Damn weekend.. Lot of fun though… So here’s a quick wrap up:

  • Friday night – Saw Party Monster with Brian and Kevin. Brian and Kevin liked it. Little much for me but better than sitting at home with re-runs of Three’s Company. Gotta say that Seth Green was pretty damn good. And ya gotta love Marilyn Manson and Amanda Lepore – they’re just wrong… I love it. And the messed up drag was pretty damn cool
  • Saturday – Spent the morning helping my mom distribute flyers for her author’s club event to comic book stores around the city(Neil Gaiman is speaking at San Jose State University). After that Kevin and i went to a surprise party for some friends of his that just signed their domestic partnership papers.. was a lot of fun
  • Sunday – Folsom Street Fair… Was a LOT of fun though its been years since anything at that fair has shocked me. Think the three things that stuck in my head are the guy lighting his cigarette with a magnifying glass, the woman with snakes on her head, and the Leather Horse Man/Woman (had leather harnasses on, horse hooves, a tail, and a big long maine… looked cool though miserable to wear)… Here are the pix (most of ’em are kevin’s handy work).

    Folsom Street Fair 2003

    Of course there was also the usual collection of hot men in leather and I do love that! 😉

(Ray – we all missed you!)

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September 28, 2003

I thought the funniest picture was the one of the sausages all lined up. What a great metaphor for the rest of your pictures!