Some Friday FUn

Friday, September 26th, 2003 | Random Morsels

Few silly things for a friday that I found while eating my tuna sandwich at lunch:

  • RIAA sues grandmother

    The RIAA said it had gathered evidence showing Ward had used Kazaa to share more than 2,000 songs, including hip-hop hits like Trick Daddy’s “I’m a Thug.”

  • Under the category of ‘They get payed to do that?’: OFFICIAL: HOW TO EAT CARROTS

    HEALTH chiefs sent teachers instructions – on how children should eat carrots.
    Emails marked “Urgent” told them: “Wash them, eat them from the bottom, discard the top.” It said that was the method recommended by the Department of Health in Whitehall.

  • Under the category of ‘Things that make ya wanna hurl’: Some Fun Optical Illulsions (Scroll down – there’s a bunch)

1 Comment to Some Friday FUn

September 26, 2003

i’m defective. only about 20% of those optical illusions worked on me.

guess i’d better get back to work, eh?