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Sunday, October 15th, 2006 | Pete Stuff

This has been one of those really odd weekend for a number of reasons. The first of which is I’m sitting here in a hotel room in my own city. I’ve never done that before. R&R have been gracious enough to let us stay with them while our place is getting remodeled (I can’t thank them enough and will always feel horribly guilty for the imposition) but part of the deal is we promised to be like church mice and vanish if they have other friends that are in town. Last night was one of those nights I’m probably going to get smacked by a number of people when they read this saying ‘you KNOW you can always stay with us’ – and by my mother who would have wanted us to visit Granite Bay for the weekend. But we decided we kinda wanted to escape and order room service and watch TV. Kevin was also feelin under the weather so I had to attend to him a little bit.

Yesterday was also a day of running around and errands too which was a little crazy. We had to get the B&B ready for a guest (ya know – vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, dishes… wee haa). Also had to do mundane things like getting the laundry done, get a hair cut, that kind of thing.

Also had to go by the house and meet the contractor to go over where things are at. They put up the sheet rock last week and put down the flooring. We also got all of the fixtures for the bathroom in.. So its all starting to come together now and look like a real place. The current plan is to be back in the house at the end of the month and be finished in time for turkey day… I’m not sure if it’ll actually happen but we’re leaning on them pretty hard to make it happen..

Hows that for a rambling entry? Sorry bout that but after reading a bunch of blogs I felt like I needed to post something myself…

More later..

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Blake Seely
October 15, 2006

SMACK! You could have stayed with me. Or the *LEAST* you could have done was go see R swim from Alcatraz!