North Carolina Christmas

Tuesday, December 30th, 2003 | Pete Stuff

So i’m finally back to my usual schedule (kinda – still off work but got a lot to do so i’m workin anyway)… Christmas this year was fantastic but a little different than I’m accustomed to. As soon as I got back from Katie’s graduation I went into a whirlwind of activity. Had 2 days of work to do before Christmas with a TON to do for work, did ALL of my christmas shopping on a hour and a half lunch break on tuesday (the 23rd), had dinner with MY family tuesday night at The Waterfront Restaurant, and then packed for our trip.

But thats just where the fun began.

Then, at 4:30am we got up to get to the airport for a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina to spend Christmas with Kevin’s family. Mind you this was the first time in the 4 1/2 years we’ve been together that I’ve EVER met his family and he’s spent a LOT of time ‘preparing me’ for how different his family is from mine. Well we got to Pinnacle (after a lot of airport, plane, and shopping time) at about 7pm that night and I met his Mom and Dad – and they were great. They live way out in the country side north of Winston-Salem on about 40 some acres of beautiful countryside. Christmas eve we just hung out and talked with them before goign back to the hotel for the night (we ended staying in a hotel just so we weren’t on top of them – and cuz having a gay couple staying in the home of strongly southern baptists on christmas might have been a bit much)…

Christmas day we went over for a ‘country breakfast’ where his Dad made me everything he could think of that I might not have tried – we had Grits, biscuits and gravy, country ham (which I found out is different than city ham), and some other stuff… Then Kevin and I went exploring the town – saw his schools, various landmarks, houses where he’s lived, and other fun stuff… Then that evening his 2 brothers came over with their kids and we had dinner and opened presents. They even got me presents – the Hillary Clinton book (which shocked the hell out of kevin – he informed me that his dad had NOTHING to do with that! 😉 ) and a Terry Brooks book.

The next day we spent with his family and then Friday night we went to a party in Greensboro with a bunch of Kevin’s friends from school and Atlanta. His friend Rodney and Rodney’s new bf threw a fantastic party and I got to meet all of Kevin’s friends which was very cool. Kevin and i met a couple of months after he moved to San Francisco so most of the people we spend time with we either met together or were friends of mine so he got a kick out of being the one who knew everyone for a change! :).. I had met Rodney and Phillip but the rest were new to me so it was a lot of fun…

Saturday morning we got up and had Breakfast with his parents and then headed off to the airport. Trip was very fun and wasn’t painful at all (which is what he was preparing me for)

Sunday night when we got back we had a motley potluck for friends and family here – Matt and Brian with their respective parents, Britton, Brian Sauls, our friends Keith and Marites and their two kids, and my parents and sister… Was a really nice way to end the holidays… Here are a few pictures for y’all! 🙂

Christmas in North Carolina

So now I’m just getting back into the swing of things before I dive back into a furor at work…

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December 30, 2003

It was very nice meeting Kevin and you. Rod has told me so much about the both of you, and it was nice to put a face with name. The pictures from the party were great except for the one with me in it. Can you take that out and insert a Brad Pitt picture? I’d be willing to pay for it…

December 31, 2003

Looks like you boys had a fine time! Happy Holidays and a very very Happy New Year to you and Kevin! Wish I was up in SF to celebrate, but I’ll manage down here somehow 😉 Cheers!

December 31, 2003

Boy… You got Brad Pitt beat hands down! ;)… Glad to spend time with you too – wish we could have hung out more.. I was just kinda overwhelmed by all of kevin’s NC buddies so I was bein kinda quiet.

You boys will just have to come visit! 🙂

December 31, 2003

Well if ya ever make it up here let me know – would be great to meet you in person! 😉 :):)