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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005 | Geek Stuff, Pete Stuff

Is this thing on… testing 1 2 3

Guess so… Haven’t been on here in a while so figured I’d say hey… usual excuse (work and a zillion other things)… But this week Apple’s shut down so i’m being a complete lazy bum and hangin out doing not much… In fact today I’m headed over to Nickel Spa for a massage then I may head over to see Harry Potter on the IMAX… Hope so at least…

So anyway.. whats been keeping me busy?… Well Matt’s surprise birthday party was last weekend – that helped keep me occupied for one of the days last weekend (the previous day I was down in LA for the last day of a work trip…

Lets see.. what else… Oh yea.. I got a new toy at home…. one of these:

Pm Infoblock Graphics

Ya know… a QUAD Processor G5 Macintosh with a 30″ display.. Oh my GOD… It is CRAZY cool.. I recommend them to everyone… REALLY FUCKING Fast and this Display is just absurdly big.. I love it… I hadn’t upgraded my mac at home in many years and it was time… And since I was so out dated I decided to go a little nuts…

Anyway… I’m off to my massage now.. but figured I’d check in quickly! 🙂 Have a great day!

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November 30, 2005

I am SO jealous.
So, SO jealous!