Just kinda sad

Friday, May 28th, 2004 | Gay Stuff

So I decided to take a personal day tomorrow (or..um.. today I guess it is now) and, as a result Matt and I decided to go out dancing after dinner and the gym… Could have gone out for cocktails but Matt really had an itch to jig and who am I to complain… So we headed down to the Stud in hopes that, even though Reform Skool is no more, there might be something goin on… Nothing.. So we prowled around south of market for a while to no avail… Then we headed back to the ‘stro in hopes of finding something to do or at least a gay rag with ideas… The scene in the Castro really isn’t my thing for dancing. There are a few that I’ll hit for cocktails (Moby Dick, The Bar on Castro, Badlands, etc.) but none for dancing. Mind you people do dance there – i’m just not one of ’em..

Finally we found a copy of the local rag in hopes of pointers – after leafing through we found a few spots we hadn’t heard of back in SOMA and nob hill so we checked ’em out… ALL VERY SAD…

Ok… So I know I’ve lived in this town long enough that I”m more than a little jaded about the social options around but JEEEZZZZ…. Isn’t there anything goin on in this town during the week or do we have to wait for the weekend or move to NYC?

Ah well.. kept me out of trouble I suppose! 🙂 g’night! 🙂

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May 29, 2004

Yeah, that is a little sad – there is not a lot of variety going on in SF’s nightlife….what is up with this town? 49 square miles of routine…..