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Sunday, June 22nd, 2003 | Pete Stuff | 1 Comment

Got this from her:

Your Brain Usage Profile

Auditory : 52%
Visual : 47%
Left : 55%
Right : 44%

Accurate? Read the description below then ask Kevin or Matt…
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A weird phenomena…

Sunday, June 22nd, 2003 | Random Morsels | 3 Comments

So I’ve become completely fascinated by this whole ‘blog’ phenomena and what people choose to write about… I’ve spent many hours lately diving down the rabbit hole – bouncing from one blog to another seeing who is out there and what they write about and what the comments are like for each entry… It just AMAZES me the shear volume of blogs there are out there and the vast variety of topics and points of view….

I’ve read many that are really just random neurons firing and causing entries about whatever just popped to mind and I love those – they are this funky insight into how someone ticks. Shows what people think about on a daily basis. What interests them.. What irritates them.. What they stay up all night reading… Makes me want to know more about them…

I’ve seen some that are very literary – a good excuse to practice writing skills and get comments and critiques. The topics of the writings on these ranges wildly but they all have one thing in common – very beautiful eloquent writing that keeps me coming back.. Makes me want to improve my own…

I’ve also seen people that seem to be creating a mystique about themselves that or may not be their personal reality… Almost branding themselves to draw readers… Their lives seem fabulous, dramatic, exciting, and full of interesting people… Makes me wonder what isn’t going on their blog – what are they holding back…

Others are topical – some technical, some political, some social, some sports related – and the list goes on… I’ve got a stash of these related to work stuff that I use to help my work or work on my site cuz they stash away really good tips and tricks and tools I didn’t know about. Makes me want to innovate and try new things..

But every so often…

Once in a great while…

I find one like this one – one that really touches me. I don’t know what inspires people to write content so intensely personal but I’m really glad they do. Maybe its a way of coping with the events of life.. Maybe they do it in hopes that it will help others deal with the punches that are thrown. Maybe its a way of talking about things you can’t talk about in person without breaking down. Maybe its a way of getting the hugs you need. The comments people have written over there for the most part have been wonderful – loving, supportive, and attempts at helping even in a little way. It doesn’t really matter what the inspiration is really… It Makes me wish I could help somehow and puts the silly foibles in my life seem pretty damn silly… Also makes me cherish the people in my life that much more..

What inspires each person to write what they do? I don’t know … But I think all of these things are what has kept me bouncing down rabbit holes… It makes me laugh.. makes me cry… makes me mad.. makes me smile… makes me keep exploring…

Calm before the Storm

Saturday, June 21st, 2003 | Gay Stuff | 2 Comments

Man… ANOTHER Amazing weekend in San Francisco.. I LOVE living here some times… Deep blue skys… Warm Sunshine… People wandering around shopping in the Castro.. Ya GOTTA love it..

Goin for a mellow weekend this weekend since pride is next weekend and I’m guessin we won’t be completely mellow then… ( Actually I’m sure of it! 😉 )… This weekend there isn’t much on the calendar… Got Electricians downstairs right now re-wiring the place to bring it up to code ( and break the house up onto more than one circuit breakder! 🙂 Gotta LOVE old houses… )..

Aside from that not much on the agenda… We’re going to a BBQ this afternoon in Dolores park for my friend Scott’s Birthday… There was someting about playing ‘slosh ball’ in the evite… involves a keg and a kickball from what I hear – sounds like some strange thing from a frat house… Love that park though so it sounds like fun to me! :):)

Outside of that? who knows… Mellow mellow mellow…

Next weekend on the other hand??? :):):)

San Francisco Gay Pride
GLTB Film Festival
Pride City Hall Fair

Mind you i’m not doing ALL of this – no idea what we’re doing – just a tour guide of whats goin on… I’ll know what I’m doing when I show up!

Random thoughts….

Wednesday, June 18th, 2003 | Random Morsels | 3 Comments

– Expanded cable into our neighborhood – a good thing… Two HOT ASS Russian men installing it – even better… DAMN… (They’re augmenting the cable to add chanels in our hood and I came home from Peets today to find these men workin on the side of my house – result is a bigger box on the side of our house that i’m not thrilled with but I didn’t even THINK about that when I was watchin ’em work! 😉 )…

– Another Good thing? The magic TiVo remote key sequence that lets me jump forward 30 seconds (i.e. the commercial skip feature).. Gotta love those geeks that hid that in there and shipped it.. God Bless ’em! 😉

The Closet

Wednesday, June 18th, 2003 | Gay Stuff | 3 Comments

Arguably I’ve led a charmed life when it comes to being ‘out’. My family has all been amazing when I came out to them – it didn’t seem to phase them at all.. The only change in their attitudes I could see was that my mom switched from trying to set me up with girls to trying to set up up with boys ( ask me about our Hawaii trip some time! 😉 ). My friends were equally cool too for the most part.. I had one friend of mine from college that seemed wierd about it but thats it.. The rest were wonderful (and even he is fine – just cautious)… And same at work – telling co-workers at Apple has NEVER been a problem and the same with my management. Had many managers ask me if I was married and when I told them I had a partner they didn’t skip a beat..

So thats why I’m always surprised when i run into people in the bay area that aren’t out. I was out for beers friday night with some friends and ran into another group of friends… As we were sayin hi one of ’em started actin freakey and turned his back. I tapped him on the shoulder and said hi to which he said hi then darted into the crowd.. One of my other buddies used to be the HR manager at the company the other worked at (he just left the HR job but the other guy didn’t know that yet)… Turns out the guy who darted into the crowd wasn’t out at work and didn’t want people from work to see him at a gay bar.. They ended up talking later and it was all OK but still struck me curious. I’d think that it wouldn’t be an issue if they were BOTH at the bar..

Too wierd..

I know everyone comes out in their own time and I don’t believe in anyone coming out before they’re ready to deal. But even so, I’m always curious what kind of things makes it hard for people in the San Francisco area to come out.. Its a pretty gay cool place.. Not many work places would have a problem with it (and in most discrimination is a firable offense). Not many people in the area are phobic… If someone lived in Stillwater Oklahoma or was a teamster I’d understand.. But living in SF and working in Technology isn’t the same…

Is it family? Is it religion? Is it friends? Is it historical? Is it Politics? Or is it just cuz it shouldn’t be anyone’s business under certain circumstances?

Mind you i’m not judging or scorning in ANY WAY… Coming out is a VERY personal thing and I respect everyone’s own reasons for coming out or not and their own timing… I’ve known people that came out at age 7 and i’ve known people who have come out at age 45 and everything in between. I didn’t comeout myself until age 23 (which seems like a lot of wasted time in retrospect! 😉 ) I’m just always curious what makes people tick and why some people choose to keep this part of their life to themselves and others seem to want EVERYONE to know…

Guess I should add this to the things I ‘wonder about’! 🙂

Here we go again…

Tuesday, June 17th, 2003 | Politics | Comments Off on Here we go again…

He just posted an article that sounds strikingly familiar:

Special forces ‘prepare for Iran attack’

I’m speachless.. not surprised mind you given how out of control the administration is already.. But… uggg… I’ll just let the article speak for itself… I just hope the folks that supported the LAST invasion (and the one before that) hold the administration accountable for their claims justifying that one before we move on… Or do we really have as short an attention span as our fearless leader is counting on us having?… Hmmmmmmmmmm

sorry… I’m ranting… I’m gonna work now – least I have some control over THAT!