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Saturday, June 12th, 2004 | Pete Stuff | 2 Comments

Ok… So two reviews to give for the week:

Madonna: Frickin FIERCE… We had SO much fun at the show and the show it self was fantastic. Kevin, Peter, Alex, and Mikey drove down from the city after work and picked me up to go to the show down at the San Jose Sharks Pavilion (HP Pavilion). She opened with Vogue and played for 2 hours or so after that with everything from American Life to Express yourself to Music to you name it… The crowd was a trip – the biggest collection of gay men, middle aged girls flashin back to high school and everythign in between.. At any rate… show was good – fun was had by all! :):)

Stepford Wives: We went to see The Stepford Wives last night with Matt and Brian and Brian’s Dad, Patrick and Chuck, and Britton. I actually liked the movie however if you’re a fan of the original (which is GREAT) and don’t want them to mess with it skip the movie… Its good but its pretty silly and the change it in some important ways. But regardless it was fun – not gonna win any awards but still good.

Wow.. Those are two pretty damn gay outings.. huh? 🙂 Ah well.

on the verge

Sunday, June 6th, 2004 | Blog Stuff | 6 Comments

of turning off comments… FUCK I hate Spammers… I would love to get my mits on just one of those bastards and smack ’em around. it feels like such a violation.

Sorry.. just had to vent after blasting a whole collection of ’em… now back to our regularly scheduled program… 🙂

Regan Dies at age 93

Sunday, June 6th, 2004 | Politics | Comments Off on Regan Dies at age 93

When I got to Patrick’s house this afternoon they told me that Ronald Regan died today and since then I’ve been reading posts about it which ultimately gives me pause. There are a lot of things that can be attributed to the Regan administration. The escalation and ultimate demise of the Cold War. The Challenger disaster. The rebirth of the republican party. And any number of other important milestones in those 8 years of American history.

However, probably the thing that he’ll be most remembered for in my community here in San Francisco is his handling of the start of the AIDS epidemic, or, more accurately, his complete and utter lack of handling it. As thousands and tens of thousands of people became infected and died he did nothing. He did nothing to acknowledge the issue. He did nothing to fund education. He did nothing to fund medical research. Rather he bowed to and supported the conservative bigots in his party that were happy to see something was killing off homosexuals.

So, quite understandably, there are more than a few people walking around today that were thrilled to hear that he died.. Many who believe that that his Alzheimer’s afforded him and easier death than he deserved and than he gave to the thousands that died due to his inaction.

However I can’t say as I’m one of him. I do believe he has a lot to account for. I don’t count him as the hero that so many believe he is. I do hold him very personally responsible for the progression epidemic that has effected the lives of so many people I know. I do hold him responsible for the deaths of a great many people. However I can’t be happy for the death of another person – no matter who they are. The loss of any life is tragic and sad and, no matter their crime, it isn’t something to revel in. I only hope that, in death, he is afforded the compassion and clarity that he lacked in life.

Rather than celebrate yet another death, perhaps this is an opportunity to remember those who have gone before him.

Bathroom Technology

Tuesday, June 1st, 2004 | Giggles | 5 Comments

Ok.. I just got this link from a buddy of mine and just HAD to share it…

The TOTO Washlet

You HAVE to watch the 13Mb video… Its INSANE… Especially the CG dramatization complete with plinkey plunkey music…

Run to the phones now – there’s no time to loose! 🙂