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City of San Francisco is a PAIN IN THE ASS

Friday, June 24th, 2005 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on City of San Francisco is a PAIN IN THE ASS

So we’re going through this crazy condo conversion – don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before or not… Anyway… One of the parts of the process is having inspectors come in, inspecting the house, giving you a laundry list of things they want you to fix, and then proving you’ve got that all done.. Well we did that.. For the last 6 months or so we’ve been dealing with getting all the pidly shit changes they wanted fixed done… It has been a royal pain in the ass dealing with this all… But Saturday we got the ‘Certificate of Final Completion and Occupancy’ for the work.. I”m thinking ‘whew… the long part of the process is FINALLY done’… So I call our lawyer thinking I can just send this off to him and that will move the process along.. Well, it turns out, the city STILL hasn’t even gotten to the point where they need it – after a year and a half… And.. What’s worse is that my lawyer tells me that the next stage is for the city to ‘request mylars’ and THAT is the half way point… FUCK… so we could have another year and a half of waiting – just cuz the city is too backlogged to do what they’re supposed to do..

MAN… the longer ya live in this city the more ya realize how much it can REALLY SUCK some times..

Anyway.. Sorry for the rant..

Happy Friday… :):)

Monday Funny – Fainting Goats

Monday, June 20th, 2005 | Giggles | Comments Off on Monday Funny – Fainting Goats

I’m not sure that fainting goats is funny but gotta say that this made me giggle… I’m sure darwin would have something to say about this right along with narcoleptic dachshunds. And I”m sure that, even if it doesn’t hurt the goats, running around yelling boo at goats is minimally not very nice…

But still made me giggle… I suppose I’m just an insensitive jerk! 🙂

Happy Monday

Tahiti Trip – FINALLY :)

Friday, June 17th, 2005 | Politics | Comments Off on Tahiti Trip – FINALLY :)

Man… I’ve just been unable to find a free second to post about our trip.. Its crazy… But I did finally get all the pictures posted which I wanted to at least share…

The reader’s digest is that we had a fantastic trip to Tahiti where we spent 9 nights in AMAZING resorts on two different islands… The first 5 nights we spent on Moorea where we learned to Scuba dive and went on 6 dives over the course of 3 days… The last 4 days were on a MUCH smaller island (actually technically an ‘Atoll‘) called Manihi where we went on 3 more dives each.. The diving on both islands were amazing… The resorts were amazing.. both islands were REALLY cool in different ways. Moorea was a tall lush green island with lots of beautiful mountains, coral reefs, and critters everywhere. Manihi was a long ways away (hour plane flight) and was a round Atoll with a big lagoon in the middle. The population on Manihi was MUCh smaller and there was far less to do but it was VERY nice and the diving at ‘the drop off’ had more fish than I’ve ever seen in my life… It was CRAZY.

We had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back. We’re already looking for other diving trips to do as well – the diving part was the best part.. I’m hooked..

Oh.. And by the way – if anyone else is interested in going I can’t help but plug Dive Tahiti Blue. Laurel was SO WONDERFUL to work with setting this up. I gave her the vaguest possible request – we want to go to Tahiti and learn to Scuba Dive – and she bounced a ton of ideas and suggestions off of us and ended up setting up a great trip… I can’t recommend her enough! 🙂

Oh.. Yea… And the Pictures.. Here the are (had to split them up into multiple pages):

Yes… I’m alive

Saturday, June 11th, 2005 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Yes… I’m alive

And we’re back from Tahiti and back to reality.. I’m uploading the pictures as we speak and I’ll write more once they’re up there..

oh.. yea… and on a work related topic – did y’all catch this? CRAZY huh? If ya ask me its gonna be a good thing! 🙂

Anyway.. more to come! 🙂

Pete out!