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Time to Step up

Friday, October 10th, 2008 | Gay Stuff | 2 Comments

It was bound to happen… As we get closer and closer to the election the ads and tactics get worse and worse. I kind of expect that but every year it takes a new ugly turn. The thing I don’t expect (though why I don’t escapes me) is the direct correlation between the amount of money spent and the success of a particular candidate or initiative. I guess I was raised with this twisted idealized view of America that is based around an assumption that the system protects the rights and freedom of every individual, people educate themselves to vote for what is right and fair for all Americans, and that the whole process will happen with integrity. Like many things in life, as we mature we discover the world isn’t as perfect as we’d like but even still I’ve managed to keep a pretty positive attitude about our system of government. Poor choices are made during the process but i hoped they were made with the best of intentions. (Amazing that I could do that given the last 8 years huh? but i won’t digress).

All that said, this current race is really testing my faith in the system and the people of this country… Proposition 8 on the California ballot in particular is very close to me as a Gay man in San Francisco. To me its fairly black and white. Kevin and I have been together for more than 9 years (more than many other couples i’ve known, gay or straight). Part of this relationship is being able to formalize with our friends, family, and others how much we love and mean to each other and be able to expect that the laws of the land will help us protect and help each other throughout our lives. This has nothing to do with any other couple.. This has to do with being there for each other through sickness and health.

Simple – right? Not so much… There are people around who don’t believe that two men or two women should marry based on personal or religious beliefs. Thats fine. If you don’t believe in same sex marriage then don’t marry someone of the same sex.

Again – simple right? Nope. These people also don’t believe that Kevin and I should have the right to marry with the same rights that they do. But even that I can deal with (begrudgingly). What I can’t deal with, and what is making me begin to loose faith in the political system that I hold dear, is that they’re willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money spreading DOWN RIGHT LIES to support their case. Right now there are literally MILLIONS of dollars pouring in from around the country (a very large percentage from outside of California) to spend money on TV Ads that are just outright lies expecting people that will believe these out of hand without thinking or checking… And, the sad thing is, history has shown that people will.. The more money the have the more eyes they can put these deceitful ads in front of…

Current polls are showing over $25 million coming in from around the country to support this proposition and the polls are beginning to show that it is gaining steam. This absolutely breaks my heart. It kills me on so many levels. That people could be so dishonest. That others will believe these lies without thinking .. And, most importantly, that people believe that Kevin and I deserve any less happiness and security than any other couple in the world..

So this leads me to my request. I know elections shouldn’t come down to cash… But they do… and the No on 8 folks ( need our help… So if you can spare even the smallest amount I would really appreciate it… Even if you’ve given already… Kevin and I gave at the HRC dinner this summer and I thought that was enough.. but its not.. so we just dipped into our pockets again yesterday to help out….

Sorry for the rant… And, more importantly, thanks to EVERYONE that can help… Seriously… no really… :):)

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Gotta love my mom! :)

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 | Family, Politics | 2 Comments

Sometimes I just love the fact that my parents and I are on the the same page when it comes to politics. Both my mom and step dad as well as my dad and new step mom are all on the same side of the ballot as Kevin and I are. Makes talking politics a lot of fun (and far less stressful than in some families).

What is even better to me is that when my mom and step dad talk about it with their friends it actually matters since they live in the middle of California’s McCain-ville (in Sacramento). Those of you who have met my mom knows she has NO QUALMS about speaking her mind when people say something stupid.

So lately they’ve had an Obama sign in their front lawn which someone in their neighborhood has taken to stealing. So after the third time she had one stolen she sent this email to her neighbors:

Hello –

I’m disappointed to report that we continue to have our Obama for President sign taken from our yard.
Another disappeared last night; We’ve just purchased our fourth sign.
We are not violating any law and legislation passed a few years ago deemed even CC&R prohibitions unenforceable.
This isn’t just a harmless prank; it’s theft. Someone is going up onto our yard and pulling up a heavily secured sign.

More to the point, step dad’s name and I have a right to our political choice and have the right to display the campaign sign of that choice.
If the person stealing our signs shares a different political perspective, we suggest they display the sign of their candidate choice.

A note to the sign thief: Each time I purchase replacement signs, I make another substantial donation to the Obama for President Campaign.
So Obama and Biden both thank you, thief, for the donation. Every dollar helps.

And at the end of the day, whichever way the election turns out, you will look in the mirror and see a thief.

Kind regards to the entire neighborhood.

their names

hehe…. I love that they’re doing this – particularly out there… Putting an Obama sign in our yard in the Castro seems almost redundant but not out there… and, more importantly, MAN am I glad she’s on our side! hehe…

love ya mom! :):)

(posted with her permission of course – and their names redacted! :))