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  • Children

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  • Some cool grafiti Art from Kevin

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  • The Passing of a Civil Rights Hero

    One of my personal heros, Del Martin, passed away today at age 87… Del Martin along with her wife Phyllis Lyon are two of the longest heros of the GLTB Civil rights movement. If anyone doubts the longevity of Gay and Lesbian marriages they only need look at these two – they have been together […]

  • iWeb and Google Analytics

    Just found a cool automator action that automatically adds google analytics information to a folder full of iWeb output… kinda handy if you're not using .mac hosting…   Posted by email from swimfinssf’s posterous

  • Scott, Alex & Pete at Regeneration – 8/11/08 Scott posted the video from the concert we went to a few weeks back… silly fun! :):)

  • Just had to share

    Originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF this pic made me giggle so I had to share… Was taken at Audrey’s 4th Birthday party today…. Was a lot of fun… silly string… cupcakes.. make your own pizzas… the works! :):)