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I find it more than a little odd that Al-Jazeera’s web site has been down and un-reachable for days now… Granted I think that that site is even more of a propaganda machine for the other side as CNN is for ours so I don’t trust what they would say on there.. But even as much as I find conspiracy theories BS for the most part, I do find it a little odd that it is hard to get an opposing opinion on this conflict these days..

Just musing…

Friend did point me at a couple of other interesting sites… Not recommending any of them mind you… I’m just trying hard to find different points of view… I’m sure CNN and google news aren’t preaching the God’s honest reality nor is Al-Jazeera… But maybe if you combine enough different ones we can start to distil out a little reality.. Cuz i’m sure our president isn’t going to offer it up..

Anyway.. Here is what I’ve been looking at lately:

Google News
SF Gate
Christian Science Monitor
Der Spiegel (german)
Deutsche Welle (english / german)
Al-Jazeera (arabic)
Cursor’s Al-Jazeera Link

Muslim WakeUp!
Anti War

Like I said – this doesn’t recommend my personal views… Just some more info to add to my understanding… If anyone has more I’d be interested to see ’em

World Opinion

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Just found this on the BBC: found it kind of interesting:

In quotes: Reaction to Bush ultimatum

Its always fun to see what people in different parts of the world are thinking…

And it begins

Tuesday, March 18th, 2003 | Politics | Comments Off on And it begins

I keep starting to write something here about what is going on in the world and wind up getting flustered and sad and stop…

And now, with what the president said last night to the world and the iraqi response this morning (which couldn’t have been a surprise to anyone) it seems the path is set… I can’t fathom a course of events that could stop war at this point… *sigh*….

And I’ve got to say – this is the first time in my LIFE that I’m ashamed to be an American citizen and that REALLY bums me out… We as a people have failed to find a peaceful solution. We have failed to convince those around us and our leaders to do everything humanly possible to disarm iraq without taking innocent lives. We have failed to convince our leaders that in order to promote democracy in the world we have to participate in one ourselves, not just at home, but in the world context and, more specifically, at the UN. We have failed to convince the president that fighting his father’s war is not in his best interest.

And now we send our military into harms way. Now we place the lives of innocent people in iraq in danger. We increase the possibility (or inevitability) of terrorism at home. We bring on the justifiable scorn of the world on our shoulders.

When did we stop being role models for democracy, strength, and individual human rights and become the school yard bully oursleves?

Ok… maybe I’m just angry and REALLY sad…

What happens now?