No on 8 PSA: NO vs YES

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Ok… now these are really damn good… Will they be effective? who knows but who knows about anything any more.. but i am liking the variety and the integrity of the ads i’m seeing in opposition to 8… Integrity may very well be our Achilles heel but if it is then so be it.

Oh… and I can’t ask enough… Please donate.. And even if you can’t afford a dime – please pass the word along and talk to your friends, family, and neighbors. Tell them what the issue means to you. Tell them about people you know who will be effected. Even if you can’t convince them to vote no – even convincing them to not vote yes would be better. Seriously.

ok… i’ll stop…


Map Geek

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I’m a bit of a map geek and I found this one kind of interesting… Not only can you look at where the current election is fleshing out to look like from a variety of different polls but you can also look back at old presidential races… What I found most interesting is how many landslide elections there were in our recent history. You can really see the point in time at which point our country became as polarized as it is today…

Anyway.. I found it interesting…

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Gotta love my mom! :)

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Sometimes I just love the fact that my parents and I are on the the same page when it comes to politics. Both my mom and step dad as well as my dad and new step mom are all on the same side of the ballot as Kevin and I are. Makes talking politics a lot of fun (and far less stressful than in some families).

What is even better to me is that when my mom and step dad talk about it with their friends it actually matters since they live in the middle of California’s McCain-ville (in Sacramento). Those of you who have met my mom knows she has NO QUALMS about speaking her mind when people say something stupid.

So lately they’ve had an Obama sign in their front lawn which someone in their neighborhood has taken to stealing. So after the third time she had one stolen she sent this email to her neighbors:

Hello –

I’m disappointed to report that we continue to have our Obama for President sign taken from our yard.
Another disappeared last night; We’ve just purchased our fourth sign.
We are not violating any law and legislation passed a few years ago deemed even CC&R prohibitions unenforceable.
This isn’t just a harmless prank; it’s theft. Someone is going up onto our yard and pulling up a heavily secured sign.

More to the point, step dad’s name and I have a right to our political choice and have the right to display the campaign sign of that choice.
If the person stealing our signs shares a different political perspective, we suggest they display the sign of their candidate choice.

A note to the sign thief: Each time I purchase replacement signs, I make another substantial donation to the Obama for President Campaign.
So Obama and Biden both thank you, thief, for the donation. Every dollar helps.

And at the end of the day, whichever way the election turns out, you will look in the mirror and see a thief.

Kind regards to the entire neighborhood.

their names

hehe…. I love that they’re doing this – particularly out there… Putting an Obama sign in our yard in the Castro seems almost redundant but not out there… and, more importantly, MAN am I glad she’s on our side! hehe…

love ya mom! :):)

(posted with her permission of course – and their names redacted! :))

Bill Maher’s Documentary on Religion

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Can’t wait – should be interesting! :):)

Barack Obama Fires Back Against McCain’s ‘Sad’ Attacks

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Damon Condemns Palin

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Very well put!