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Heterosexual Marriage

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005 | Gay Stuff | Comments Off on Heterosexual Marriage

Just browsing my news as I eat my lunch and this article caught my eye and made me giggle:

Texas Anti-Gay Amendment Could Nix Straight Marriages
by Newscenter Staff

(Austin, Texas) A proposed amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Texas could also be used to nullify traditional marriages a group of straight couples says.

I’m sure there is plenty of nuance and fine print that leaves this open to interpretation.. But still made me giggle… And the last bit about the KKK being against gay marriage just added to the giggles… Love that they’ve got people like Fred Phelps and the KKK supporting their efforts.. I’m sure it’ll help…

Sorry.. just had to share…

My Friday night with Varla

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005 | Gay Stuff | Comments Off on My Friday night with Varla

To start of our weekend Kevin and I went to an Oktoberfest party for one of his vendor’s from work (Splash Events if you’re curious) after which we blazed up to the city to see Varla Jean Merman perform in the mission. SUCH a funny show and such a fun crowd. In case you don’t know who she is you NEED to rent Girls will be Girls – she’s in it along with Coco Peru and Evie Harris… Then go see her… really damn funny! 🙂

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October 11 – National Coming Out Day

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005 | Gay Stuff | Comments Off on October 11 – National Coming Out Day

For those of you who missed it, today was National Coming Out Day… And for those of you who were unclear – i’m Gay… Um.. duhhh.. But anyway.. Today at work we had a NCOD lunch in the Apple Cafeteria which was very cool… Apple Lambda (Apple’s GLTB employee group) put together the event and one of the guys running the show managed to get Hal Sparks from Queer as Folk (among other things) to come up from LA for lunch.. Turnout was great and the lunch was a lot of fun.. I didn’t personally talk to the guest star but was still cool…

88Comingout 200X225

Anyway.. just had to share..

Piece of Shit

Thursday, September 29th, 2005 | Gay Stuff | 1 Comment

Not that I’m surprised, but I’m still pissed… Turns out that weasel of a Governor of ours has vetoed the gay marriage bill placed on his desk. It turns out basic civil rights aren’t a priority in our state any more than they are in our federal government… *sigh*… Perhaps its time to move to Germany after all…

Not that he had much of a chance anyway – but he sure ain’t getting a vote from me come election time (or a movie ticket dollar when they kick his sorry ass out of Sacramento)…

Congrats to Jay and Craig

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005 | Gay Stuff, Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Congrats to Jay and Craig

Quick congratulations on the birth of Avery Grant-Zodikoff – the daughter of our friends Jay and Craig… MAN – I have more friends with babies these days than I can even count.. I swear my mom is gonna SMACK me if I don’t join in on the fun..

Congrats guys… She is SO CUTE! 🙂

Movin to Canada

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005 | Gay Stuff | Comments Off on Movin to Canada

I’m thinkin the Canadians have their shit together… Check it out:

Canadian Commons Passes Gay Marriage Bill

by Newscenter Staff

Posted: June 28, 2005 9:06 pm ET 
Updated: 9:56 pm ET

(Ottawa) Canada’s lower house Tuesday night passed legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry in those regions of the country where courts have not already ruled it legal


Maybe we should move.. I hear Vancouver is cool.. Or Toronto… Or maybe to Calgary to hang out with Ray and Ian :):)