Learnin this crazy thing

Thursday, March 13th, 2003 | Giggles | Comments Off on Learnin this crazy thing

LOL… So, just as I suspected – I’m still figuring out how I should be using this crazy thing and what kind of things I should be posting here and what kinds of things are going to require another forum… And, at the same time, Ray and Matt are (rightfully) busting my chops about going since last week without a single post.. The real trick is that I have TONS of stuff that pops into this neurotic mind of mine and I’ve started to jot down.. Problem is lots of ’em are relationship things or interpersonal things that those involved wouldn’t probably be super thrilled about the general public reading about… Orrrrrrr… they’re work related in which case I have to self sensor since the product I’m working on hasn’t been released yet…

Anyway… just the hurdles that I’m pondering.. not any big deal..

But.. Just for some background for those that don’t know me.. The reason I have to self sensor work related stuff is cuz by day I’m a software engineer at apple computer… been doin that for 10 years now – how scary is that… Cool company with killer cool cool products tho… My current gig here is my favorite so far (and also probably the biggest challenge for me to wrap my tiny brain around)… I’m working on a video editing product called Final Cut Pro. Product is used by film makers and studios to piece together all of the video that the collect during shooting a film product into the tiny portion of it that they actually present to the audience… Pretty damn cool if ya ask me.. Product isn’t confidential – been shipping for years (we’re up to version 3.0.4 or so of Final Cut Pro and just released a product called Final Cut Express for DV editors).. But I’m working on the next rev of the product and the features of THAT are super confidential…

So – once I can spill about that I will – but until then i’ll have to artfully dance around my daytime adventures.. (not that the life of a software engineer is all that thrilling anyway – bunch of propellor heads locked in offices staring at monitors all day! :):))

well – better get back to it.. more to come..


A Brave new world

Friday, March 7th, 2003 | Giggles | Comments Off on A Brave new world

So here goes… Seems like all of the cool kids are doing this crazy blog thing and like the silly little lemming that I am I figured I’d jump on the band wagon…

The whole concept I find a little odd so we’ll see where it goes but i’ll try almost anything once! ;)… The idea of keeping a diary makes perfect sense to me… Forcing yourself to sit down and put the things that race through your head down on paper seems like a productive way of sorting them out for yourself… It also seems like a reasonable way to blow off steam without doing anything too freaky or distructive..

The thing that I find odd about this is the whole concept of writing down your thoughts, rants, raves, reviews, and whatever in a forum that is not only public, but also a forum where people can then comment on what you have to say.. Don’t get me wrong – garnishing feedback from people seems perfectly reasonable to me under certain settings – like picking a color for the living room (granted that’s kevin’s domain – but you’ll hear about him some other time)….

What i’m not so sure about is the concept of garnishing feedback from people on other, more personal topics…. The things that run through my mind will range from the social, to the political, to the technological, to the sexual, to the personal, and everywhere in betwen.. Do I want feedback on this stuff? who knows… Maybe so.. maybe it would help to have some unbiased opinions from time to time rather than comforting words… Then again – maybe i’m better off living in a world where the feedback I get on my rants are supportive…

ANYWAY… I’ll give this a shot for a while and see what comes of it…

I’ll fill in more of the details later!

It is a beautiful friday in the neighborhood… (I do miss Mr. Rogers! :))