iTunes and Addiction

Wednesday, April 30th, 2003 | Geek Stuff

Ok… So there’s no hiding that i’m a big Apple Fan… Been that way since WAY before I started workin here… But this iTunes / iTunes store is WAY cool… and its DANGEROUS… Two things in particular have prove a way cool time sync…

– Sharing Music via Rendevouz: If you’re on a network (like at work) you can share your music so other people can listen to what you have while you’re connected… No stealing music.. no copying.. just sharing.. Our whole floor at work has made a tacet agreement to share their libraries so now I have a HUGE collection of tunes to get me through the work day..

– Music Shopping: This is REALLY DAMN COOL… iTunes is wired to a store so you can go find the music you want up there, listen to previews, and buy the stuff you want… legally… REALLY DANGEROUS… WAY too easy to get tunes in a way that doesn’t make me feel guilty… 😉

Nuff rah rah stuff.. Just had to share! 🙂 So DAMN COOL…

Just in a cheery mood today I guess! :):)