On a Ligher Note

Thursday, May 29th, 2003 | Random Morsels

I think i want to train my Dog in German when we get it… Our dog when I lived in Germany was (obviously) trained in German and it seemed to be more straightforward for the dog to understand.. Not to mention I think it just sounds cool… Found this on the web today!

Not to mention the ‘correction word’ made me chuckle! 🙂

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May 29, 2003

You guys are talking about getting a dog? Kewl!

So are we…we want a big dog..Rick wants a chocolate lab…we shall see!


May 30, 2003

Hello Pete,
actually is dispensable it, since you can speak German, but has you a few words to practice here:
Bei Fuss!
Braver Hund!

Viel Spass! ;-))