Gay Bars and the Fire Marshall

Sunday, June 1st, 2003 | Gay Stuff

So the fire marshall has really started ruining people’s evenings in San Francisco… Can’t say I hold it against him (them? I assume there is more than one of those guys / gals)… Ever since those fires in Chicago and on the East Coast the fire marshall in San Francisco has started cracking down on bars in San Francisco for cramming too many people in a place with one exit.

Scary part is, ever since I started going out to gay bars / clubs the thought has crossed my mind that they pack WAY too many people into those places… While that might increase the lure and intrigue of these places it does seem kinda scary… I don’t know if this is unique to gay places but the straight clubs I’ve been in don’t seem to pack NEARLY as many people into them..

Anyway.. First the Pilsner got busted for having a TON of people in the palce and only one fire escape… Cracking down on that just drove the preppie boys down the street into the heart of the castro… Then the Lone Star got busted which resulted in an influx of bears into the Eagle’s sunday beer bust.. And the latest casualty was fridy night at the Loading Dock.. This resulted in a large group of hard core Leather / Latex boys showing up at the powerhouse

Gotta admit I do find the migration patterns of the native San Francisco gay man funny and facinating. Even so – MAN – while before they were REALLY packed (too packed really to be safe) now with only 49 people in these places they sure seem empty… guess I’ll just have to head for places with more doors.. :):)