WWDC and Coffee

Monday, June 23rd, 2003 | Random Morsels

So I’m spending the morning trapped in a coffee shop because the electricians are upgrading the meters in our building to code and installing a few extra breakers in our house… And for some fool reason they want to turn the power off… hmmmmppppfffff… You’d think that a professional could do all that stuff with the power on so I could keep workin from my office… ah well… (just kidding)…

This afternoon I’m headin over to our developers conference to commune with the ‘puter types… I’m skipping the keynote cuz I’ve heard / seen most of the stuff already (but don’t bother asking)… This afternoon is when the topic specific sessions start and thats the stuff I’m interested in.. not to mention this is the first time that they’ve had the Pro Video Apps at the developer conference which is pretty cool…

Anyway… back to work.. just checkin in… if I get inspired later you’ll hear more from me…

(ever notice how AWFUL my spelling is – even WITH the built in spell checkier? :):) )

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June 23, 2003

I read the first sentence as “speeding all morning in a coffee shop,” and thought “Hey, ‘speeding’ is a good word to describe being wired on caffeine.” Sometimes mistypings and misreadings are more interesting that accurate spelling and reading!