Rev. Robinson

Tuesday, August 5th, 2003 | Soapbox

So the following report was posted by the AP News wire recently:

Excerpts From Report on Rev. Robinson

Based on this report the Church has cleared Rev. Robinson of all charges.. THANK GOD!!!

This is absolute rubbish intended to discredit a good man. From what I can read from this the two charges that were made against Rev. Robinson. The first was that he touched the forearm and back of this man in a public setting while responding to direct questions. How many of us can even COUNT the number of times people have done this very thing to us throughout our lives? I sure can’t. There is nothing inappropriate about this.

The second was that he provided guidance to ensure safe boundaries and a safe environment for youth were maintained on a web site targeting youth dealing with issues relating to their sexual identity. This web site, TWO YEARS after his last interaction with them, provided links to another site which indirectly contained links to pornography.

All I can say is that the sole purpose of these allegations was character assignation based on sexual orientation. How does any person purporting to be a christian justify such behavior? Didn’t these people pay attention in Sunday school? Ya know.. The golden rule.. I know Rev. Robinson did..