Weekly Wrap-UP # 76 – Travel

Sunday, October 26th, 2003 | Blog Exercises

  1. What is the most essential item you include in your suitcase when you travel? Why? Toothbrush and ID (Passport most times)… Toothbrush cuz ya gotta be lookin your best wherever you are – and ID in case you get your tail in the gate and forget who ya are! :):)
  2. What is the least essential item you include in your suitcase when you travel? Why? A heavy jacket – layers always works for me and it just takes up room… its all about traveling light.. every time I’ve brought more than my leather jacket I’ve never worn it..
  3. How early do you start packing for a big trip (say, a week)? Why so early or so late? I always pack the night before (or the morning of if its an afternoon flight.. Otherwise I find that I just have to bust into what I’ve packed and re-do it anyway so whats the point… If its a big trip I make lists ahead of time but don’t pack till the last minute.
  4. What do you pack in your carry-on bag if you’re flying? If you’ve never flown, estimate what you’d pack. I pack a few toiletries (in case my flgihts get f**ked up and I need to freshen up – and I take a lot of entertainment (I get bored easily).. Books.. magazines.. cards… computer… iPod… If its a shorter flight usually just a book or two..
  5. What kind of stuff do you (or would you) pack if you were traveling with a child for a three-hour flight? Don’t have a kid but I’d imagine I’d pack the same that I pack for me since I have the same attention issues that kids do! 🙂 – lots of distractions and enterainment.. If it was a baby I’d also include the usual baby stuff – food / formula / diapers… If it were a toddler or young elementary age kid I’d probably add some candy or chewing gum – helps with the pressure changes during take off and landing..

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