San Francisco Halloween

Friday, October 31st, 2003 | Pete Stuff

Uggg… This is SUCH an Odd Halloween… Kinda fits the mood actually… The sun is setting as we speak and it really is kind of a spookey evening. Its has been overcast and rainy all day and as the sun sets the dark grey billowey rain clouds are broken up enough to glow orange as the sun goes down. And the darker it gets the more the orange turns to purple and grey. Bikes and cars are riding by outside the window and there is a damp chill in the air. Little kids are starting to appear in their costumes as more grown up ghosts and goblins pass on the streets. I kid you not. And the neighborhood is bustling. For those of you who haven’t experienced Halloween in San Francisco its quite an experience… I’m not saying its a good thing – or a bad thing… Just odd.. Hundreds of thousands of people decend on the castro in costume. IT can be kind of fun but its also a bit intimidating… There are so many people its pretty hard to move and some times hard to breathe.. And now that i’m a home owner in the neighborhood I’m not super thrilled about the prospect.. The city is running it this year and is trying to take control of it but I”m not sure how well that will work – its always been kind of out of control. My inclination is to sit on the porch in a rocking chair with a shotgun and a jug of moonshine and protect the homestead.. Instead i’m gonna just take it in stride. See how it goes… Could be fun…

Anyway… Happy Halloween…

Oh.. and wish Matt a happy birthday! 🙂

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Blaine Hilton
October 31, 2003

Sounds interesting, hear we don’t have that many people come around, perhaps 50 some kids, most with their parents in tow. Pretty low key. It is kinda weird here in NW Indiana though, its warm and humid.

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