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Picture Walk

Sunday, October 19th, 2003 | Pete Stuff | 7 Comments

I spent my afternoon today on a picture walk with a bunch of friends and had a really good time. My friend Randy set up the gig and plotted a map through the city and a fun little assignment for us to try to do. We started in Washington Square Park, walked up to and around Coit Tower, down the hill to Levi Plaza, along the embarcaderro and past the piers, in front of the Gap Building, and ended with dinner at Gordon Biersch.

Was a lot of fun… If you wanna see the all the pictures I took here they are:

Picture Walk – October 19, 2003

( By the way – I also added the ability to view comments and extended entries in here inline thanks to this – let me know if something doesn’t work for you. MAN I’m a geek some times! 😉 )

My ‘hood

Sunday, October 19th, 2003 | Pete Stuff, Random Morsels | 1 Comment

I’m lovin living in Duboce Triangle. The people that live on my street in particular spend a LOT of time and money making the common areas really beautiful. There are pots with trees, flowers, bushes, and succulents all up and down the street – not the stock kind the city puts in – the kind that have been put in by individuals with a lot of attention to detail. Corner of Noe and Henry has little sitting areas on 3 of the 4 corners with little benches, trees, and other pretties..

So it really bummed me out this morning to see that some fool driver had hit one of the pots parking their car and then left and another palm tree had been broken off at the trunk by what I would presume to be a drunken fool coming back from the bars. I can only imagine what will happen halloween night when when the hoards descend.. Although looking out my window at the damaged pot – it looks like the neighbors have already replaced it with a brand new one (and moved it back from the curb)

Love the neighborhood but he visitors that it tends to attract aren’t always the most dignified.

Note to self – figure out who is writing the checks for these plants and pots and volunteer to help out…

Weekly Wrapup #75 – Saving Your Life

Sunday, October 19th, 2003 | Blog Exercises | 2 Comments
  1. Describe how much you agree or disagree with the idea that journals and blogs are a way to “save” your life?
    I think it depends very much on the blog. I’ve read some blogs that are VERY much that – opportunities to chronicle someone’s life… Others are opportunites to provide others with information and less personal.. And some are a little of both. I think the thing that journals have over blogs is journals are much more private and I’d be much more inclined to document EVERYTHING of importance in my life if others weren’t reading it. As it stands I censor myself because I know the people I might write about could possibly read it.

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Friday Five

Sunday, October 19th, 2003 | Blog Exercises | Comments Off on Friday Five
  1. Name five things in your refrigerator:
    Anchor Steam Beer, Chocolate Syrup and Maraschino Cherries from Sundays we had last night, Curry Catsup from the German Deli in Noe Valley, and Milk for my Morning Cereal.

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Unconscious Mutterings – Week 37

Sunday, October 19th, 2003 | Blog Exercises | Comments Off on Unconscious Mutterings – Week 37

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Country:: Bumkin
  2. G:: Rated
  3. Offer:: Recieve
  4. Connection:: Broken
  5. Quest:: Johnny
  6. Lighthouse:: North Carolina
  7. Sycamore:: Climbing
  8. Inhumane:: Dog Kennel
  9. Sneer:: Snarl
  10. Weapon:: Mass Destruction

( whats this? Look here )

Self Respect

Friday, October 17th, 2003 | Giggles | 1 Comment

I just found this while reading the Southern California Law Blog:

FIJI Faces Hazing Lawsuit

Before anyone smacks me – I KNOW that this is an exception not the rule and that not all greek houses do this. probably just a very small percentage these days and probably even fewer that do it on this scale. But JEEEEZZZZ. I think a house that pulls this kind of shit should NEVER be let back on campus and that the members responsible be held PERSONALLY accountable. But my real question is what personal issues are going on here that would cause an individual to go through ALL of that before just telling the the actives to piss off. Is joining that house really worth that kind of humiliation and abuse? A little self respect goes a long way and keeps ya out of some bad situations..